Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunny Days

Chase The Blues Away

Feb Pie.jpg
Fresh pie helps, too

Even a happy guy can start feeling down when the sun ain’t around

Sam Head.png
That bridge reminds me of someone...

Makin’ silly pictures, baking apple pies and sighing sighs

Lassen  8.jpg
Lassen Friday evening

Friday ends with clearing skies

Is this mustard?

A tiny flower can be found if one just tries

Arb Maya Cactus 2.jpg
Maya cactus at the Arboretum

Saturday morning sunshine and the sound of ravens gets me to set my sleep aside
and take the Nikon for a ride...just to see what I may spy

Arb Iris 1.jpg
Iris at the arboretum

Further on up path, hiding in the tall grass a bit of color catches my eye
”It’s an iris”, I softly cry (don’t want to freak out the people walking by)

Sundial Gnomen.jpg
Sundial gnomon looms in the background

It was the arboretum where I found my way
as I wandered
on this sunny Redding day

Today’s Video;

Feeling Good Feels Good

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