Saturday, February 13, 2016

Nice Week In Redding

I Have Pictures

Tues Rose 2.jpg
Colorful driveway rose

A high pressure ridge is blocking the series of pacific storms that brought welcome rain to California recently and we have enjoyed sunny 70 degree weather as a result. The conveyor belt of rain storms got redirected up to the north west at least until the high pressure ridge breaks down next week around the 17th.

Yellow 3.jpg
Yellow sidewalk rose

There is snow on some of the mountains. The views are spectacular between clouds that fly overhead.

West View.jpg
West view from the Treehouse

I enjoy all the moods and seasonal changes that Mount Shasta displays. The magical majestic mountain changes appearance continuously throughout each day. I must have taken thousands of pictures of Shasta over the years and even though some were taken seconds apart they show some differences.

Shasta Thursday 11_edit.jpg
Thursday afternoon Shasta

I got a nice picture of breakfast this week. I like to photograph what I eat. Sometimes it looks as good as it tasted and felt. Natural food makes me and my resident microbes happy.

Winter Breakfast 3a.jpg
Cereal, nuts, raisins and banana in there, too

There are more pictures, (many more), from this week, but I would just like to close with this one of tonight’s moon.

Moon 1 b.jpg
Friday night moon and traveling clouds

Today’s Video;
I saw this band on the Daily Show and loved them

Good Music For My Soul

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