Monday, February 22, 2016

Full Hunger Moon

And Assorted Delights

Hunger Moon M L 6.jpg
Full Hunger Moon - Lumix FZ70

I just realized that I have been neglecting this blog. Not as much as I have neglected to post anything new on some other sites and blogs that I set up over the years. I just haven’t posted anything for a week here at Phil’s Place and it’s about time I fixed that oversight.

So, without further ado,...

Hunger Moonrise L 1.jpg
Hunger Moonrise - Lumix FZ70

Tonight as I was wheeling equipment from the Monday Jamboree musicfest across the parking lot, I looked eastward and noticed the moon was rising. I had the Lumix FZ70 in the car and a tripod in the trunk, so I quickly stuck the camera on the tripod and began shooting.

Monday Daf 1.jpg
Daffodil in Dottie’s garden - Nikon D3300

Earlier in the day I was experimenting with the Nikon D3300 and the 70-300mm manual focus zoom lens. The experiment consisted of an ISO setting of 800 to allow fast shutter speeds to counteract shaky hand held blurry images.

Mon Shasta 1.jpg
Mount Shasta - Nikon D3300

For the most part, it was a successful experiment as long as there was bright sunlight. That’s good to know for those times when there’s no time to set up a tripod.

With the FZ70, thanks to the stabilizer, handheld shots are usually good even at 1200mm zoom. With either camera the results are improved with a tripod and image stabilization turned off.

L M Shasta 2.jpg
Mount Shasta - Lumix FZ70

Over the weekend there were opportunities to take a few pictures of the trees blooming throughout Redding.

M Tree 1 iP.jpg
Delightful magnolia - Nikon D3300 (18-55mm lens)

S Shasta 4.jpg
Sundial gnomon, Mount Shasta, Sequoia School blossoms - Nikon D3300 (70-300mm lens)

There’s more….yay!

More Sky Blossom.jpg
Treetop blossom above my balcony - Nikon D3300 (70-300mm lens)

Meanwhile appearing with the Full Hunger Moon; Jupiter!

Lens Flare Moon and Jupiter.jpg
Moon with lens flare and Jupiter - Nikon D3300 (70-300mm lens)

I was astonished as I took a closer look…

M&J PNG.png
Lens flare moon reflection over Jupiter and one of its moons

What a wonderful world

Hunger Moon M L 5.jpg
Full Hunger Moonrise - Lumix FZ70

Today’s Video;

The Full Hunger Moon is also the Full Snow Moon

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