Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bloomin' Tuesday

In February

Magnolia 3.jpg
Magnolias started blooming this week

So many things to love about living here in Redding at the Treehouse Apartments. Today was no exception.

Gravel Daff 3.jpg
Volunteer daffodil alongside building A

Today I exchanged smiles and good wishes with friends, neighbors and shopkeepers. I even shared courteous pleasantries with a couple of disembodied voices over the phone.

Office Blossom 1.jpg
Blossoms on ornamental fruit tree outside the office

Everywhere I look spring seems to be starting early. No wonder smiles come easily.

Magnolia Tree.jpg
Magnolia blossoms

Been wearing sandals and short sleeves this week. Pants, too. Simple pleasures.

Outdoors Poinsettia.jpg
A transplanted Christmas poinsettia lives on

We have enjoyed a few days of sunshine, clouds and sometimes gray skies. These conditions and warm temperatures have started trees blossoming, animals getting frisky, and flowers popping up all over. Rain is expected to return Wednesday night.

Mourning Dove.jpg
Mourning dove

Some birds, like the mourning doves, have returned to the Treehouse to nest, mate and likely raise some little birds in the process.

A male cat, no doubt attracted by the perfume d’amour of a hot feline female, has been enthusiastically belting out love songs below my window these past few nights.

Tuesday breakfast

A good breakfast with nutritious, digestible, mostly fresh, real food is how I like to start my day. I try to eat non processed, organic foods.

When you read or hear someone saying there is no difference between organic and commercially grown produce they are lying.

Commercial produce is coated with pesticides. Organic is pesticide free.

Breakfast Scene 2.jpg
Tuesday’s breakfast preparation

If you are choosing apples, for instance, pick them up and smell them before putting them in your basket. Choose the ones that smell good enough to eat.

Dottie Daff 2.jpg
Little daffodil in Dottie’s garden

After a little practice, you can decide between fruit that smells like an old gas can, or organic fruit that smells and tastes like it is supposed to.

Neighbor Daffodils 2.jpg
Daffodil in front of Alder Street neighbor’s house

Today’s Video;

Brotherly Love

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