Sunday, June 5, 2016

Where Did I Put It?

Some Place Handy No Doubt

Happy Garden.jpg
Fine specimen

I wrote a draft for a blogpost the other day about pollen, senior housing and the allergy irritants being redistributed by leaf blowers.

The document seems to have vanished into cyberspace

Blooming Aloe.jpg
Another blooming cactus or succulent

My well constructed essay included the dynamic properties of particulate matter suspended in the air daily, then settling to earth in the still of the night.

Much of the pollen, dust and other stuff will stay there on the ground unless it is disturbed.

Magic Garden.jpgEnchanted garden

When lead blowers are used to clean up debris they launch clouds of pollen, dust and other irritants into the air where they remain suspended until the next still of the night.

This can't be good for people with breathing problems and allergies.

Patio Red.jpgBeautiful red patio rose

Blowing particulate matter up into the air is a health hazard and should be avoided in places like senior apartments, health care facilities, and schools.

A better solution to keeping things tidy and sidewalks safe would be a good push broom, a grass rake and dustpan.

Pretty n' pink.jpgLovely pink rose

Some of my neighbors and a couple of people on the staff suffer a lot from pollen in the air.

I have to think that some relief would result from removing particulate irritants once they have settled on the ground. It seems counter productive to send additional allergens up to join the suspended pollen and dust already in the air we breathe.

Blue Jay.jpeg
Now what?

What to do when you’ve caught a bug by a leg. This bird is studying the situation.

To get the bug inside the bird’s mouth to eat it requires opening its beak. The bug might successfully get away when its leg is free. What a quandry.

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Looking Out For Eachother

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