Sunday, June 19, 2016


So Easy To Use
Even Toddlers Can Shoot ‘Em

chp 2.jpg
Fixed Wing Helicopter

Every so often, flying above the Treehouse there is CHP pilot putting a little fixed wing highway radar plane through an endurance test. It is used in place of a helicopter to spot and track a possible criminal suspect.

Osprey aerobatic fish spotters

The stress of acrobatic maneuvers on that lightweight fixed wing aircraft and it’s engine will soon reduce its ability to pass flight certification inspection. Then again, that may be the intention if there is a newer airplane that the pilots would rather be flying.

Raindrops On Rose.jpg
We had some rain in Redding last week

There have been 6,219 shooting deaths in the U.S. at the time of writing this post so far this year. 144 of those killed were the result of what are now called, “mass shootings”.

Gun manufacturers are doing their best to create, (and satisfy), a demand for more lethal weapons after each tragic event.

Rainy Day Rose Revisited.jpg
The rain was refreshing

The NRA and other agencies have been promoting the image that one needs a gun to protect themselves from “bad guys”. They don’t warn people that the likelihood of your gun actually protecting you in an attack is almost nonexistent.

They also don’t tell you 24 hours a day that there are dire consequences to be faced after you shoot someone. (Hint: You don’t get a medal and the key to the city)

Rbw 5.jpg
Nice ending to the rainstorm

I just read a well written essay why one man feels he needs an AR-15. He is a firearms expert who points out the amazing versatility and adaptability that particular rifle provides.

Like most gun enthusiasts, he hasn’t shot and killed anyone, yet. Not one of the gun enthusiasts I know has spent a lot of time thinking about what happens after they have shot and killed someone.

Maybe they need to turn off the NRA sponsored right wing media and think for awhile about the aftermath of being a gun toting murderer.

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Only ⅓ Of Americans Own Guns

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