Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day

For Some Americans

Pigeons Flying.jpg
On the wings of a dove (pigeon)

Once again we celebrate our independence from England.

I have explored the backstory of the Fourth Of July in previous blogs. (If you like, you can use the Blogger search feature to read what I wrote).

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Hummingbird grooming

One of my favorite tidbits of history regarding the revolutionary war had to do with how we paid for weapons, powder and balls: We borrowed money from The Bank of England!

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Rose in bushy habitat

Thus began the formula that we still use today with the World Bank (members including the Bank of England and controlled by the U.S.), most countries have loans from the World Bank.

Those monetary debts allow our American Empire to exert a powerful influence on the policies and actions of countries around the globe.

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Patio rose

Tonight I will go out and pursue the perfect fireworks photo. Something that captures the savage beauty of bombs bursting in air without the accompanying death, destruction, and heartbreaking anguish of war.

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This rose looks like a confectioner's dream

Today’s Video;

Happy 4th of July

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