Saturday, July 16, 2016

Short Term Solutions

Are Ill Advised And Dangerous

While out taking pictures today, I saw a couple of scrub jays flying into one of the oaks SE of the rose bush bordered sidewalk. I heard a commotion inside the top area of the tree and out popped a humming bird who bravely and repeatedly dive-bombed the nest molesters.

I don’t know if the hummingbird prevented the jays from eating it’s young, but it was a valiant 20 or 30 second battle.

H Defender 3.jpg

I love to see the ferocity displayed by these tiny birds. It usually is enough to drive away most interlopers and competitive males.

H Defender 4.jpg


A surly, angry, wife beater who wanted to get even with his woman for throwing him out of their apartment in Nice, callously ran over as many people as he could with a rented truck yesterday.

“Sullen, gruff, unfriendly, wouldn’t respond to a hello”, his former neighbors said when asked about him by the gendarmes.

The investigation revealed that there was nothing to link him to terrorist organizations.

Republican presumptive candidate for president Trump wants to round up and arrest all Muslims! Republicans want to bomb somebody, anybody, and Fox news blames Obama and Hillary. Just another day in bizzar-o-land

H Defender 6.jpg

I’d rather watch hummingbirds than Fox news. Hummingbirds are real.

Today’s Video;

Vorticity (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

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