Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Already

I Guess I Have Been Busy

Zin and metal moon

It may be the heat (high 90’s and 100+ degrees Fahrenheit) has slowed things down. I seem to be busy most of the time. Just not busy in all the usual ways.

Roadside Oaks 1.jpg
Oaks by road along Shasta Lake

I went to the lake last weekend to see how high the water was. Still pretty full.

Uncaged Portrait.jpg
Backyard Zin

I have been writing and posting pictures on my Wordpress blog, too. Images display larger and full page on that blog. I like how they look. Take a trip over there if you like. ShastaPhil

Best Side Of Pair.jpg
Pink pair of sidewalk roses

I am so glad that Hillary is our candidate for president. She is eminently qualified and can likely help steer our country forward to the sensible democracy America was designed to be.

Shasta 23 2.jpg
Mount Shasta in the hazy distance

8 years of President Obama have brought us back from the brink of economic and diplomatic disaster. The economy and state of the nation have been recovering under this President and his administration.
Automatic Beauty.jpg
Rose along the Treehouse sidewalk

Over the years since the election of actor Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have been dismantling regulations, laws, and organizations that came between them and profit. The people they have inserted into all 3 branches of government are more repugnant and less educated each election.

Kitchen Theme.jpg
Just for fun, a Home Sweet Home decoration

This year they have reached critical mass and the meltdown has begun. Here is a quick overview from my perspective;

Trump is trying his best to be disqualified by being more repulsive and disgustingly offensive every day. His followers emulate and revere his bizarre mean spirited behavior. Today a 10 year old boy shouted “Take that bitch down” at a campaign rally and was cheered by Trump supporters.

Tres Pinkos.jpg
Pink roses along the sidewalk

There are many good people who unwittingly allowed themselves to be brainwashed by FOX news and talk radio. They find it easier to let someone tell them what to think rather than go through the trouble of reading books and peer reviewed publications to get information.

Some of my friends live here in these HUD subsidized Treehouse apartments. We depend on HUD, Social Security and Medicare for our very existence.

I tell them that the Republican platform and campaign speeches all have the same themes: Disband HUD, eliminate Medicare, privatize Social Security, remove regulations that prevent industries from polluting our water, air and land.

They don’t get it! 

A few friendly conversations from me are no match for decades of anti government right wing propaganda. These good people are prepared to vote themselves into the street without an income or health care.

They don’t see the insanity of their convictions.

They just know they have to stop “Crooked Hillary”.

The fact that “Crooked Hillary” is just a made up catchy slogan is unimportant to them.

They believe the stuff they hear on the radio and TV.

Many of them also believe that Jesus is coming to float them up to Heaven because they are righteous believers. They look forward to that glorious time when those people they don’t like will be forced to stay below as the earth becomes an inferno. They believe that causing others to suffer is somehow satisfying virtuous behavior.

Patio Rose.jpg
Whiskers the kitty rose

Trump will find a way out of the presidential race, but he will still be in financial straits. He probably believed he would get a lot of money for being a presidential candidate. Maybe he can get another loan from the Russian mob.

That leaves us with his VP choice, Mike Pence. Mike isn’t as clueless as the Donald, but he has the same right wing, anti-poor, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-education, mindless mindset.

Moreover, he has some political experience so the right wing goobers in congress won’t be laughing at him like they do Trump.

Be sure to vote for Hillary Clinton. The world will thank you.

Today’s Video; (Music to lift us all)

Thank You Jackie Wilson - Happier Now

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