Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Good Day

Only 107 Today

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Red with background greenery

A few of tonight’s images were sized for this blogspot location a week or so ago. Since this blog is a time machine, you could be seeing it in the daytime or next year though I am writing what you are reading at a different time - it can become a circular trap if one thinks about it too much.

Gypsy Rose Leaf.jpg
Gypsy Rose rose

This is the last week for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. It is/was on Comedy Central where 800,000 viewers weren’t enough to keep it in the lineup. It was a good show. One of the shows I somewhat regularly watch on the internet.

Rose and light post

I received a republican voter survey from the RNC last week. I completed it. I also corrected the misleading sentence structure on some of the multiple choice questions and pointed out those that were based on false or disproven information. Then I stuck on a stamp and mailed it in.

One of the CDF water bombers on the Oasis fire

I am sure they didn’t mean to ask loaded questions in a survey of republican voters, so they will probably thank me and send out new surveys. (Note to Mr Trump; “That is what is known as sarcasm”)

Damselfly or darning needle

The fire bomber image is from this evening and the Damselfly is from this afternoon by the mail room. So I have compressed 8 days into this one post. A time machine for sure.

CDF plane on way to airport during moonrise

Sometimes, if I take enough pictures, I will get lucky.

So it was today. At least my today. This blog being a time machine tends to mess with the actual time, based upon when you are reading it. Time and place becomes even more curious if I am one of the future readers. I think I will quit while I am ahead of myself.

Today’s Video;

Be Kind

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