Monday, June 9, 2008

Sack o' woe

Sack O' Woe:

People ask me why I am happy. I will be happy to elucidate...

I live in the here and now. I have learned that dragging around a sack of unhappiness and problems, is exhausting. It impedes forward progress and does not contribute anything toward improving my inner being or worldly circumstances. I thank God every morning for giving me another day to treasure this present of life and comprehension.

I am happy because I am literate and can understand the meaning of words and their indispensable value in formulating coherent thoughts.

Here is one way I think people set themselves up for failure; They can't read above a grade school level. They skip over words they don't know or understand and think they know the subject. This leads to grave consequences if what they are reading is the Bible or a constitutional amendment! If you are operating with incomplete information and faulty logic, nothing is ever going to work out the way you want it to, and you will be unhappy. We all make mistakes, some more devastating than others, but we don't have to keep dragging those failed constructs along with us on life's path. If you have learned your, "lesson", and have made amends, you can let it go. If you feel guilty, it's because you know you will probably do it again. ( A friend said that today and I am happy to add it to my way of thinking.)

I am happy because I read the instructions before assembly. I read the manual before I use new equipment. I didn't sometimes and those things became a source of frustration and disenchantment when they didn't work like I wanted. I was driven to ranting and raving and blaming everything but my incomplete knowledge. "What a crummy piece of shit!" "What moron designed this!" and one of my favorites; After taking it apart and putting it back together still not reading the instructions, "This thing must be defective!"

I am happy that I let God wash away the pain and anguish of recent tragic circumstances so that I can give joy and comfort and hope to myself and others. I thought that having everything that I loved taken away in such a rude and brutal manner was life's ultimate insult, (I'm still not ready to write about that yet.), but destruction is natures way of creating something new.

I am in the process of putting the pieces of me back together, and, with Gods help, I am reading the instruction manuals.

Without my "Sack o' woe", I am happy.

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