Saturday, June 14, 2008

Try Something New

I am trying something new.

This evening I did something just for fun. I had a half written song that has been my happy mental soundtrack for a couple of months and I thought I would try something new. I recorded just the parts I had with Audacity recording/editing software so I could listen to what I had. It was fun to discover that the program let me record and edit separate tracks. I just love discovering features that I didn't know my equipment or programs could do.

I had the chorus to the song, so I recorded guitar and a voice that just sang the chorus. It sounded good, so I added a harmony to the chorus on another track. So far so good. I had some verses I had written for the song and looked them over while I waited for the refrigerator to finish it's loud compressor cycle before recording. It was taking a long time so I looked at some words I had written for a different song and they felt like a better choice for this song. ( Thank you God.)
I sang the lead vocal, mixed the tracks, and this little tune was ready for more parts.

At this point I could put more instruments on myself, but I really like the collaboration of minds and energy when more musicians are involved so I thought I would try something new. This computer and internet stuff has made information sharing easy, so why not make an MP3 and send it in an e-mail to other musicians who could put a part on the song no matter where in the world they might be?

I owe a lot of this computer savvy to my friend, Fred Mitchell, who has been sharing his discoveries with me. Fred and I go back to 1968 when we were in radio together. We also had a little band in which he played drums. We re-established our friendship this year when we found each other on line. We had lost contact for about 20 years and here we are again exchanging ideas and stimulating our creative minds. So I sent Fred the following e-mail;

Hey Fred,
I was messing around with Audacity this evening and learned how to record and edit separate tracks. It reminded me of what we were talking about the other night. We might not be able to synchronize live recording several musicians across the country, but I think it would be fun to pass around an mp3 and add parts. Bongos, bass, guitars, kalimba, more singers, etc.

What a joyful noise! Consider this song a test, just for fun, something to try and who knows, we may start a new way for writers and musicians to develop songs.

Add a part and send it on to someone else that might want to play with it.

This could be fun,

We shall see what happens next.

Stay tuned, or send me an e-mail and I'll send you the song to play with and try something new.

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