Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Showers

Chasing Rainbows

At the library, looking to the East. 4/27/09

Late afternoon and evening thunder showers with sunshine and flowers paid a splendid visit to Redding yesterday. To go to the library, I just drove toward the rainbow.

When I walked out of the library, the rainbow was still there. I stopped to see some friends at a coffee shop, and mentioned that I had been chasing the same rainbow for 15 to 20 minutes. When I left there, the rainbow was waiting for me.

From Marina Drive, looking to the left. 4/27/09

The amazing thing now
was the two sides of the rainbow touching down a couple of miles apart.

From Marina Drive, looking to the right. 4/27/09

I stopped at the spot where people feed the ducks and geese, to take a picture of the piece of rainbow I saw from the road, and when I looked to the right, I saw the other end. I stayed there for another 10 minutes, taking pictures until it looked like it was fading, then started to get back on the road, but there was more!

Rainbow and palm trees. 4/27/09

I looked up
at the palm trees that I plan to film as part of the Zombie Reggae video, and there was the same rainbow giving me more natural art.
I drove a tricky way back home so that I could watch the final bit of the longest lasting rainbow I have ever seen.
That was terrific. Thanks God.

Speaking of God

The worlds leading Bible expert explains it clearly.

Bart D. Ehrman saved me 10 years
of research, by spending 30 years doing it for me. I always figured I would have to learn ancient Greek to truly understand what is so very wrong with the Bible. I had learned from some researchers that a writer, calling himself Mark, wrote the first of the gospels 60 years A.D., based on the epic poems of Homer, simply changing the names and places. I could see how the others used that as an outline on which they expanded to support their own agendas, but I never understood how the clergy could still claim that it was the word of God. Are they dumb, or devious?

I recently found a program that provides many different translations of the bible, and was prepared to learn ancient Greek to see if I could find a true translation. Then wonder of wonders, I was at the library last week and on the shelf of new arrivals was, "Jesus Interrupted". A book by one of the worlds foremost experts on the Bible.

In 1978, after he graduated from divinity school, Bart Ehrman wanted to learn more about this book he was expected to believe is the word of God.

He learned ancient Greek. He did advanced bible studies at Princeton, and discovered that side by side comparisons of Mark, John, and Paul, describing the same event, were at odds with each other.

Translators try to combine
the different versions of what Jesus may have said and it ends up not making any sense.

Here's some of what happened;

The Apostles could not read
or write. They could speak Aramaic, but literature at that time and place, was in ancient Greek. So they were illiterate.

Jesus spoke Aramaic and could read a little, but didn't know how to write. At that time it was uncommon for people to spend time learning both reading and writing. Those lucky enough to be schooled, generally learned to read, or to write. Rabbi's and merchants learned to read, and scribes learned to write.

So who wrote the gospels?

Greek scholars
who never set foot in Palestine, let alone saw or heard Jesus.

Read the book and see just how deep Bart Ehrman delves into history to uncover who wrote what.

It's very enlightening.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;

It Aint Neccessarily So - Jamie Cullum

God Is Good

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