Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deep Down Inside

You Make Me Feel So Jung

“And just as, in Christianity, the Godhead conceals itself in the man of low degree,” Jung writes, “so in the ‘philosophy’ [alchemy] it hides in the uncomely stone.”
-Carl Jung

Rings' Shadow on Saturn

I didn't realize, at first glance, the black line is a shadow.

The Alchemist

The prize was not the gold, but the process.

When our family lived in Emmaus
, Pennsylvania, my dad's study was a place of fascination for me. Bookcases filled with science, history and the mysteries of the universe. We children were not supposed to go in there. Right! There were objects of interest, like the million year old sharks tooth on the desk, or the wonderful paintings on the wall that would unleash my imagination. One of those paintings was of an Alchemist. I think David has the books and paintings now.

What brought this to mind was an email from George Bleich in which he included an excerpt from Paul Levy's, "The Ancient Art Of Alchemy", that seemed relative to the current discussion of spirituality and associated religions:

“Who is it inside ourselves who is actually suffering?”

“For the alchemist,” Jung emphasizes, “the one primarily in need of redemption is not man, but the deity who is lost and sleeping in matter."

What this says to me;

The goodness of God is always with us.

The alchemist sought Gods brilliant sparkle in the dullest of materials.

Jesus, the Buddha, and Confucius
teach us that the way to Heaven is love.

There is more of Gods goodness in a meadow than in a mega-church.

The object of turning lead into gold was not for the gold, but for the process that could lead to spiritual awakening.


End of world photo manipulation using Photoshop.

I have noticed that the mainstream media has been playing to people who are expecting the end of the world. It seems like every earthquake, tidal wave, volcanic eruption, flu epidemic, dead bird, or salmonella outbreak is trumpeted in bold face type and brightly colored graphics telling us to be afraid.

Run For Your Lives

Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Be very afraid. Phooey.

Masks Are Pointless
There are two types of facial protection, says William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Surgical masks are designed to keep germs in — so you don't infect someone else, while N95 respirators are designed to keep germs out, so a sick person doesn't infect you.

Right now, there's no need for the general public in the USA to wear either, because swine flu cases are still very rare.

A properly worn surgical mask can make a person feel warm and even claustrophobic.

A N95 respirator can make it hard to breathe.

So far, in a week, less than 300 people may have died from swine flu.

Let's look at how many people die on planet earth without swine flu.

  • 1.78 deaths per second
  • 107 deaths per minute
  • 6,390 deaths per hour
  • 153,000 deaths per day
  • 56.0 million deaths per year

(It looks like you are more likely to be run over by a bus, than to die of swine flu.)

Stay indoors.
Stock up on clean water.
This could be the doom you have been waiting for.

Some people cant wait to tell me, with fanatical glee, "The End Is Here!"

What about revelations?
That was supposed to happen while the Apostles were still alive.
I believe Jesus' words were, "I'll be back boys, in your lifetime, at the right hand of God, and we will all go to Heaven."
I am not sure of the translation, any translation.
I am sure it didn't happen, and it's not happening now, so, personally, I am going to enjoy this moment of existence in God's grand universe, and eat some cake and ice cream.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
The End Of The World - Carpenters

Don't Worry About It

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