Sunday, December 27, 2015

View From The Rear-

View Mirror

C Shasta 2.jpg
Boxing Day Mount Shasta

Yesterday was a great day to take photos of snow covered volcanoes. Marg Miller and I took advantage of the clear St. Stephens Day weather, toting cameras to the Dam road and capturing the beautiful sights. (If you missed the Feast Of Saint Stephen, it also happens on January 6)

Centamundi boat ramp parking

People were out on the lake, testing their new Christmas trucks, boats and fishing gear.

1.5MB PhotoStitcher Lassen Panorama.jpg
Lassen Volcanic Park panorama picture

I used an App called PhotoStitcher to make that panorama from 4 individual images.

Christmas Day;

Tree 4x6.jpgNan's Tree.jpgS Tree LR 2.jpg
We Three Trees, left one is mine. Nan’s, then the Taylor’s. Oh, how they shine.

To give a sense of scale, the lights on my little tree are the same size as the ones on the other trees. It was nice to visit with friends on Christmas.

“A-1 sauce?”, Stu Taylor laughingly muses

Yes, it was the traditional prime rib Christmas dinner at the Taylor’s. Stuart provided a perfectly cooked roast while family and friends provided mouths to eat it.

Long Cold Moon.jpg
Long Night Full Cold Christmas Moon

I hope everybody found at least one reason to love each other this season of winter celebrations. (Backyard barbeques on the Atlantic coast in December and all.)

Here is another picture from yesterday, the 26th;

Smooth Shasta.jpg
Snow frosting on Mount Shasta

Today’s Video; Oscars Oasis

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