Saturday, January 2, 2016

Brand New Year

So Far So Good

Triple Shasta Treat.jpg
3 Shastas New Year’s Day

So far, we’ve been winning first prize in the world weather lottery. It used to be that Redding weather was notorious for being the least desirable in California. The past few years have been really nice here.

Hilltop Decoration.jpg
Hill with decorative trees on top

Global warming and associated climate change are beginning to ramp up and weather around the world is becoming more extreme each year. But for some inexplicable reason, seasonal events in Redding have been relatively mild.

By The Birdbath.jpg
Flowers and birdbath behind B building

We haven’t had a particularly wintery winter for a few years. Winters have been warmer each year while summers have been hot as usual. This means an increase in the average annual temperature, but most people haven’t noticed.

This Feels Right.jpg
On the south side of the Treehouse patio

Some of the people I know who live in towns along the Mississippi river have been actively engaged with extreme weather events the past few years. The heat waves, storms and floods are getting worse, increasing in strength and number each season. This month the Mississippi is expected to be 17 to 20ft above normal when flood waters reach New Orleans

Rescue Plant e.jpg
It followed me home

I sent an email to Papa Paul Thomas in Glasgow, Scotland to find out how things are there. According to the online versions of the papers there and the BBC, having these 2 record storms right on top of each other has overwhelmed the infrastructure of the country and many people are without utilities, main roads are being inundated or washed away so getting to higher ground is difficult if not impossible.

Without power, phones or internet, I am sure it will be awhile before I hear from him.

Even Better.jpg
Yellow flower that I can't remember the name of

It is a waste of communication equipment that our American TV and radio can only get the crazy Trump news and the Gospel according to Cruz. There are some amazing events and discoveries occurring daily throughout our country and the rest of the world.

It’s as though someone believes that continuously bombarding the American people with angry misogynists and wrong headed xenophobics is going to get people to accept the unreasonable insanity that is today’s republican party.

Last Lassen Pic Today.jpg
Mount Lassen

So there you have it gentle readers. I encourage you to share your happiness and joyful understanding with friends, neighbors and all people of goodwill.

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