Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Almost Caught Up

To Four Days Ago

WTL Sun 2.jpg
Whiskeytown Lake on Sunday

Last Sunday, January 10, was a great day for photography. Fresh snow on the mountaintops, blue skies and a cheerful disposition were a perfect combination. The Lumix FZ70 was part of the glorious images you see here today (most any day for the last year - unless otherwise noted).

Snack Bar and Boat Launch.jpg
Brandy Creek snack bar and boat launch

I could just barely see Brandy Creek beach and recreation area on the shoreline across the lake from where I stood taking the first image of the lake and Shasta Bolly you see at the top of the page. So, with the optical zoom I got a little closer to demonstrate why I really like using the FZ70.

Toll Bridge.jpg
Further on up the road

If you continue on the highway past Oak Bottom and past the Carr powerhouse turn off, you will come to a lightly marked left turn to Mill Creek. There is a parking area with a bathroom and a nice set of trails that include footbridges over Mill Creek and Willow Creek. The Camden House is among the sights you will see.

Barn 4.jpg
This picturesque barn is there, too

After crossing Willow Creek on the footbridge, you get a treat for photographers and sightseers. There sits the perfect barn with Shasta Bolly in the background. The wind, clouds and blowing snow made me appreciate the technicians and caretakers who live and work on top of the mountain.

WT Sun 4.jpg
This gives you a good idea of the conditions on top

The antennas for radio, TV, phones and other things are caked with frozen ice and snow. You can see some of the buildings for transmitter equipment, maintenance and living quarters. I have been told that the view is extraordinary.

Several people who have 4wd vehicles have offered to drive up some sunny summer day for a photography expedition. Maybe this year will be the year.

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