Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Falling Behing

Or Getting A Leg Up?

K Roses Fri 2.jpg
Kathern’s roses still blooming

I have pictures from last Friday, that were/are prepared about the same time for blogging. I also have some from Sunday that are ready to grace this space.

My feeling is, I better get busy with a bit of catch up before I drop the ball.

Lassn Friday 3 N.jpg
Friday Lassen

The ravens are back from wherever they summer each year. The baby is about 5 years old and still calls to mama to bring food. Occasionally, one can hear mom in the distance yelling back; “Get moving and get your own food ya big baby.”

Baby Raven 2.jpg
Baby raven

Sometimes the baby won't stop calling for food until the mom flies over, picks up a wood chip or something and drops it in the baby’s eager open beak. This gesture seems to satisfy the baby and all is well in their world once more.

Fri Shasta 1.jpg
Shasta Friday

John got a Masterbuilt 1961 Fender strat on Friday. It plays really well and sounds perfect for the music we are playing. I think he may keep it.

Whoa Rockin'.jpg
John Harrison tests Wildwood masterbuilt stratocaster

There you have it as of Friday, last week.

Today’s Video;

Aptly Stated

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