Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What A Great Week

Sunshine, Rain, and Music

Storm Rose 2.jpg
Storm survivor rose

We had a rather impressive rain storm Monday night. On Tuesday the skies cleared a bit and I had an opportunity to look for photo subjects. Sure enough, there were a couple of roses that hung on through the deluge.

Lake Treehouse En.jpg
Treehouse lake Tuesday

The turnaround at the end of the Treehouse driveway just past the dumpster holding pen, becomes our own little lake when it rains enough to overwhelm the drain. In 2012 I did a little video of a rubber duck tugboat being blown and tossed by the wind and waves.

Peggy and I sure do that song differently since then. What fun we have.

Ravaged Rose.jpg
Storm ravaged rose

Tattered and torn by the storm. I will have to see how this rose is doing tomorrow. Pictures, for sure. Happy to share the latest. My heart is warmed by the determination of these flowers and the resulting stunning beauty when they manage to open for pollination.

Bright And Shiny 1.jpg
“With the moon bright and shiny”

I couldn’t resist the visual for Slow Boat to China. I took some pictures of tonight’s moon with the Lumix FZ70 and the first one was this bright shiny image. I took a series of pictures, then on the very last one, I got the following image;

Last Shot.jpg
Can you see the lunar rover?

I made a pie on Monday during the rainstorm. It turned out pretty good. I took some video and maybe by the next post I will have made some sense out of the various clips and pics and have finished a video about rain and pie or something.

Dished 1.jpg
Monday’s pie still warm from the oven

How am I going to vote in the upcoming elections?

The republican party wants to eliminate my social security income, take away my HUD subsidised apartment and put an end to my Medicare/MediCal health care. However, they do want to make it easier for me to buy a gun.

I have always suspected they were crazy. Now I am certain.

Vote Democrat in 2016

Today’s Video;

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