Friday, January 29, 2016

More Rain Last Night

On The GOP Parade

Baby Raven.jpg
Baby craven didn’t care

There is a new baby in the raven/crow family that stops by the Treehouse around this time of year. It is the one you hear going “Glukaglukaglukglukglukgluk” when it wants mom to bring some food.

Shasta from Dam.jpg
Mount Shasta from the dam parking lot

Wednesday was sunny and warm. It was the perfect day to learn a bit more about the Nikon camera. I took the Lumix for backup shots in case I wasn’t seeing the viewfinder or live view clearly. (Wearing backup glasses while the good ones were being fixed)

Helicopter flies to Shasta Dam

A helicopter flew around and down to the base of the dam, and right over my head when I was taking pictures from the Shasta dam overlook. I could see the excited ear to ear smile on a passenger's face as they came swooping up the hillside from below.

L Happy Chopper Guys.jpg
Thrilling helicopter ride - (Lumix FZ70)

I had to grab the Lumix from the car to get the above picture. The action was too fast with the Nikon on a tripod and not setup for following flying objects. It was set up to do a remake of the classic dam, lake, volcano shot and that turned out well…

D Classic 2.jpg
3 Shastas

A short drive uphill from the dam overlook and just over the hill, there is a nice wide turnoff on the dam road where one can view Lassen National Park across the valley. Good pictures there.

Lassen From Dam Road.jpg
Lassen from the dam road

Lakes, dams, rivers, mountains and volcanoes are just a few of the inspiring visual and visceral experiences that are part of life, here in Redding, California.

East View.jpg
View from the Treehouse patio

Having passed through this town, stopping only for gas, food, or gigs since 1956, I never gave Redding a second thought until I came here to live in 2007. Now I find myself acting like some kind of spokesperson.

Moon Jupiter less lens flare.jpg
Moon, Jupiter, Jupiter moons, lens flare, clouds and more

When I took this moon picture on Wednesday night, it looked like I was getting the moon in detail, but instead I got more night sky objects than I expected.

I got my good glasses back Thursday, so I should be able to see the display a bit better. I know it is a lot easier to write today’s blogpost, now that I can comfortably focus on the laptop screen.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot; There was another republican Fox news orchestrated pre-primary debate last night. The poser in chief didn’t show, leaving a few egotistic toadies to duke it out on their own. I applaud the few reporters, bloggers and journalists watched it so I could read their reports this morning.

Today’s Video;

Enjoy Life

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