Friday, November 14, 2008

The Answer in Plain Sight

Happy To Be Me

These have been interesting times for me. So many new things are being discovered every day. It is helpful to have the internet and all its people around the world exchanging information. I find it intellectually stimulating. Here are a few things I have seen.

The Hubble "sees" a planet circling Fomalhaut b.
For the first time, we have a visual image of a planet orbiting another star. There has been a lot of speculation regarding possible planet formation in the dust ring around Formalhaut b, 25 light years distant, but now the Hubble telescope got a picture to prove it.

Sunset, November, 12th.

Cell phone cam sunset 11/12/08
It was 3 years ago on November 12, that Chrissy died. She believed that life is a gift, and she lived and loved hers with enthusiasm. I was blessed to share 16 magical years with her, here on earth, together. She shares my spirit now, and I believe she continues to enjoy life on earth through me.

I know she would have entered the worlds best bottom contest, if we had known there was such a thing.

Worlds best bottoms contest winners 2008
I think Chrissy could have been a contender, 10 or 15 years ago.
I, on the other hand have no butt to speak of. Maybe there's an, "old guy", no bottom contest. Don't worry, if there is, I wont be showing that picture.
In other scientific research;

She Blinded Me With Science

Working in the lab
I recently read an article about the germ killing power of bleach. It seems that bleach contains Hypochlorus Acid. This affects the proteins in bacteria and causes them to clump up like in a boiled egg, and the bacteria dies. High temperatures cause the same result.

What makes this interesting to me, is that our immune systems use both heat and Hypochlorus Acid to fight infections. This certainly deserves further study.

$ Up The Chimney

Carbon emissions spewing into the atmosphere
While I was in a free flowing thought process, I put some of the information I had been storing, together with the new stuff I have been reading. Putting things together in different ways, I realized we are wasting carbon! Carbon is the basis of everything on earth. Everything from molecules to monkeys, diamonds to dinner tables, is made, in someway, out of carbon compounds. There must be a way to reclaim, recycle and re-constitute this valuable resource, instead of just watching it go up in smoke!

Carbon composite materials are lightweight and strong. Car bodies, bicycle frames, golf clubs and other items are already produced using carbon composite materials. Imagine buildings, bridges and furniture made from reclaimed carbon. I will do a little more investigating and see what research, if any, is being done to tap this enormous resource.

Reflecting By The River

Beautiful, 80° day by the river. 11/14/08
I went to the river to think and write for awhile, and came back with a plan. I began an internet search for recombining carbon molecules with other substances, and quickly found that a lot of research is being done with Fullerenes, or "Bucky Balls". These are recently discovered carbon molecular constructs that have a geodesic shape, similar to Buckminster Fuller's designs for domes.

Carbon cage molecule
I read some of the research papers and realized that they haven't looked at the big picture, yet. (Or else no one is willing to share all their information, because this concept is worth billions of dollars). You see, these fullerenes can be found in soot! We just spew tons of this stuff out of smokestacks, instead of using the carbon in it!

The structure of these carbon balls is such that they can be combined with most anything to create composits that can be used to make everything from microcircuits to railroad ties. I have begun e-mailing fullerene researchers to encourage them to explore the possibility of collecting Bucky Balls from polluting industries. This is exciting stuff.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Think good thoughts, anything is possible.

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