Thursday, November 6, 2008

Being a Witness to History is Wonderful

Happy Phil

Happy in the chilly night. 11/5/08
I am so glad that America has elected an intelligent president.
My faith in my fellow man,(and woman), has been restored.

I went down to the river today to write letters and to feel the river flow.

Down by the boat ramp at Caldwell park. 11/5/08
It was a good day for writing letters and spending time by the water.
Unless you were a dog. Then you spent time in the water.

Duke leaps for tennis ball

Splash down

Mission accomplished
There were a number of people out with their dogs enjoying the afternoon showers in the park.
I was lucky enough to have a train appear for my pictures of the bridge...

Another train successfully crosses the Sacramento.

I spoke with a lot of people here in Redding today. There was one topic that was notably absent in all conversations; The most historically significant presidential election since George Washington!
Not one word about the new president elect. I figured they were just so overwhelmed with joy, that words escaped them, so I wisely didn't bring the subject up. Amazing.

Celebratory Cream Puff
I felt like I should mark this day with something special, so I drove to the Sunset Marketplace and got a cream puff at their bakery. They had this mini sized puff and it was good.

The Sunset Marketplace is on Eureka Way right next to Dr. Grady's office. Dr. Grady is the surgeon who has agreed to fix my hernia. I can expect to get relief from the distress that it is causing in about 6 weeks, after MediCal shuffles papers. I saw the Sunset Marketplace when I went in for my initial exam. He has a nice office with a small waiting room. I thought it was a bit unusual that all the other patients were women, until I got home and read the top of my paperwork; "North Valley Breast Clinic."

Today's Relatively Apropriate Song;
Doctor My Eyes -Jackson Brown
Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.
George Washington

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