Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Great to Be Alive

God's Infinite Reality

Telescopic image of the Orion Nebula in Orion's sword
I just love the abundance of information and images we have been obtaining in recent months and years. This is a picture of where, some scientists have determined, our sun was created. Using calculations based on the relative motion and behavior of matter in our galaxy, our sun and Sirius-B, passed so close to one another that our sun got pushed out of the Orion Nebula to it's present position in the milky way galaxy.

The other day, someone asked me, "You believe that the lord Jesus is your God and savior, don't you?''

Snap! My mind went into high gear as I assessed the potential for conflict. I answered, "Er,...sure, among other things."

I am sure that, had I been born and raised as a member of an illiterate. nomadic tribe, I probably wouldn't have the mental capacity to form a broader view of God and the universe, and would have to accept the Bible as an end-all explanation of the Creator. However, with access to thousands of years worth of information from all over this planet, I believe God is far more complex and dynamic than the petulant, angry old man that was portrayed in the Bible to keep the simple minded goat herders in awe.

Thursday Was Beautiful

Mount Shasta 11/6/08

Shasta View Drive 11/6/08
The sky was blue, the air was clean, and it was a day that begged me to get out and enjoy this little piece of God's magnificent universe.

I also thought it would be a good day to get a robe and slippers. The weather is starting to get a bit chilly, and to do my part to conserve resources, I thought something warm to wear around the apartment would keep the heater from running all the time.

My official, "old guy", robe and slippers.

The next day, I went to Outdoor World, looking for some gloves and a scarf, and found this traveling gun show in front of the store.

It is Redding, after all. 11/7/08
The store, Outdoor World, should have been called Guns-be-Us. The place was packed with people buying guns like crazy. I found gloves, but they were designed for shooting deer from a blind. They had Lot's of guns and camouflage beer coolers. It was heaven for the willfully ignorant. These were some seriously vocabulary challenged shoppers. I tried to keep my conversations to a few grunts and one syllable words for fear that I would be shot for being some sort of commie, intellectual, Muslim, baby killer, liberal.

I found out later that gun stores had been spreading a rumor that Obama was going to outlaw firearms. One gun store reported making over $100,000 a day since the election. Obviously the customers rely on Fox news, rather than reading. Had they taken the time to research Obama's position on the 2ND amendment, they would find he is a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms, and all of the constitution of the United States of America.

The Joss House, Taoist Temple 11/7/08
30 miles west of Redding is the little town of Weaverville, the gateway to the Trinity Alps. Chrissy and I stayed there on a trip we took, 18 years ago. I drove out there with my friend Mike, to take some pictures of the fall colors. After Outdoor World, I felt the need to enjoy God's more peaceful expressions. I had forgotten about the Joss House and the more enlightened philosophy it represents. Very refreshing.

Shrine to, "The one who listens".
While in Weaverville, we stopped into a coffee house called, Mamma Llama. I struck up a conversation with one of the owners, Steve Friedman.

Steve Friedman and his dazzling array of coffee flavors.
The sandwich I had was better than I could make, and I highly reccommend you get a cup of coffe and a bite to eat at Mamma Llama's, if you are ever in Weaverville.
Until recently, Steve has been having, "Live", music in his place, but a representative from a group called, SESAC, came in and told him he would have to pay them for having music, or face an enormous fine and court battle.
So far, my research has revealed that SESAC was formed in England in 1930 to collect royalties for European artists, but recently it has been expanded to an international, for profit enterprise. They keep some of the royalties for themselves and are in the business of making money, not music. I have to do more research into the legality of their extortion.

Back Here In Redding

Landscaping outside the Treehouse common room.
The residents had their rummage sale this weekend, in the common room. I stopped in for a look see, and as I left, I noticed how nice, Ed keeps the grounds. I just love it here. I am very happy, and fortunate, and grateful.

I can smell this rose when I look at the picture. 11/8/08

God is more than we are capable of imagining.

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