Friday, August 8, 2008

99¢ Store, Sunset and More Ram

Things to do and remember I've Done

To Do...Go to the 99¢ store.

Where I shop 8/7/08
I am so happy that there is this store. I can get milk, produce, shampoo, sunglasses, adapters, tools, kitchen supplies and socks here. They have just about everything under the sun.

Sunset at the 99 cent store parking lot 8/7/08
I bid a fond adieu to the store, with milk, bananas, cookies, lemons and hose clamps, and head over to Randy's to return his music collection. 100's of songs on a usb drive smaller than my thumb!

Same sunset from Cypress bridge 8/7/8
I couldn't resist this picture from the bridge.

Sunset picture time and temp. 8/7/08
I couldn't resist this picture right after the sunset picture on Cypress bridge. I am so glad to live here in Redding where the weather suits my clothes.

Ram On

8 year old iMac that I use lovingly. 8/8/8
I got a 1/2 gig sdram stick to upgrade the random access memory in my iMac. This iMac G3 600 Mhz computer, was a gift from Chrissy's mother in 2000, and it "keeps on giving". There have been times when I thought I needed a new Mac for various music projects, but I keep finding ways to do those things on this computer. It is truly amazing. I have been doing a lot of recording and video projects lately that are ram intensive, so I figured I would add more ram.
First I google searched for instructions and after a few complicated pages, I found this from Apple;

Easy access to ram slots 8/8/8
First you unplug everything, tilt the computer on it's face and open the access door.

Instructions. 8/8/8
You stick the ram in the slot, close the flap, set the computer upright, plug everything back in, and turn it on.

iMac with 1 Gigabyte of RAM. 8/8/8
That's it! Nothing to configure, fiddle, diddle or adjust. The iMac does all that stuff automatically.
There was an article in the tech news, that wondered why people will pay twice as much for an Apple product that uses some of the same hardware as a PC. This is an example. I was going to take pictures of the process, but once I started it only took a couple of minutes. It would have taken me that long to set up the camera shot!

One of the things I hoped more RAM would accomplish, is the jerky, out of sync video at places like MSNBC. I checked it out and the problem has been solved.
Another thing I had hoped more RAM would accomplish, is using iphoto while on line. No problem.
I can now up, and down load music smoothly and quickly while running other programs.

I do a lot of things with this computer and it's fun and easy. I have tried do the same things with PC's and it's too frustrating. I can't tolerate all the delays and extra stuff you have to do for what should be simple and enjoyable endeavors. I applaud those of you who have used Windows and managed to reach this blog.

I am blessed.

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