Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's So Nice To Be

Here and Happy

Sunset Clouds 8/5/08
It was so nice to see clouds at sunset. The last time we had clouds like this was in June, just before the giant thunder storm that started over 1,000 fires. Some of those fires are still burning. We are pretty much clear of the heavy smoke that obscured the clouds and stars for over a month. Once again, "It's So Nice To Be Outside".

The song is almost finished and you can hear the latest version on
My Space.

Papa Paul Thomas and I, are having fun with writing and recording, back and forth across the globe using MP3's and e-mail. I recorded the beginnings of a couple more songs yesterday and sent them to Paul in Scotland via, e-mail. That is so cool. He sent me a song he recorded the other night with his son, called, "Roderick The Imposter". He said he wrote it while visiting St. Kilda. I googled St. Kilda and watched a video about it's history. His story for the song is related to the history of that island.

Dawn clouds 8/6/08
It's 6:21 in the morning. The birds are waking, the residents are stirring, and its 70 degrees on the balcony. Last night there were occasional flashes of distant lightning and thunderstorms are possible because of the monsoonal moisture pushing northward through California and Nevada. Details on the 6 o'clock news. Ha Ha.

120,000 Gorillas found living in an African swamp.

It seems that these gorillas have avoided detection by hiding in a remote swampland. Good for them.

Morning clouds 8/6/08
This is turning out to be a lovely day. It's a good thing I didn't get the Buick washed yesterday. We have had just enough sprinkles to mess up a clean car.

I was talking to a friend down at the club today. He is a computer technician, set-up, repair guy. Windows, of course. Not a lot goes wrong with a Mac. Anyway, he was telling me I should get a page with, "Tagged". He thinks it's a lot safer than My Space, when it comes to viruses and such. Viruses aren't really an issue with a Mac, but I thought I would check it out.

The sign up process is just too invasive, and insists on submitting way too much of my security data. It included a redirect to another site that wanted even more information that could be used to easily steal my identity. It even sent an invitation to me, at an e-mail address that I didn't give it.

The only reason I was even filling out the forms was to see if it had a place where I could post my music, like I have on My Space. The pages were DOS clunky, and I got out of there as fast as I could. My advice is to avoid, "Tagged".

In the end I will continue to have my music playing on My Space for your listening enjoyment. Feel free to go there without fear of viruses, just don't open anything that looks odd or has the words DOS or Windows or Microsoft and you will be just fine.

Green hills and clouds 8/6/08
Although you can see some burned patches, most of the mountains are green with forests after the wildfires.
It's a beautiful day.

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