Friday, August 15, 2008

Full Sturgeon Moon Over Georgia

Full Sturgeon Moon

The Full Sturgeon Moon at sunset 8/15/08
This moon is irresistible. I was going to wait until tomorrow to write about the current events at the time of the full moon, but I saw this from my balcony and it seemed like a sign.

Today has been interesting. I interviewed women to help me with house cleaning, was asked to play next Friday at the Red Bluff Fairgrounds, am reading a book that takes place in Mississippi during the time I lived there, filled the gas tank and got the Buick washed, picked up CD's and boxes for the LMP Trio project, and I even cooked and ate breakfast! It's got to be the full, "Green Corn", moon.

Last nights moon 8/14/08

Today was a beautiful 116°day here on my balcony.

I spent quality time sitting in the shade.

Happy guy with shorts and black socks. 8/15/08
Inside it was a comfortable 80 degrees.

Troll time and temperature 8/15/08
If the temperature outside gets above 120, I will have to swap thermometers.

But enough about the weather.
How is this full moon affecting the world at large?

Peter Pan, Snow White arrested at Disneyland

Costumed workers taken away in handcuffs by cops after labor protest

Hmmm, that's kind of looney.

What else?
Georgia men claim hairy, frozen corpse is Bigfoot
Sorry about the 1977 picture, these guys are as forthcoming with their evidence as Joesph Smith and his tent full of angels and tablets.

Ok then, what else?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A red-breasted bird discovered by accident in the forests of Gabon is a new species, U.S. scientists said on Friday.

They have named the little bird the olive-backed forest robin, or Stiphrornis pyrrholaemus, but say they know little about it yet.

That's nice.

Georgia on my mind.

Map of region

It seems that the Bush administration is upset that Russia invaded a country for it's oil.
Apparently we are the only country that is supposed to do that.
Must be the full moon.
(By the way, if you click on "Georgia on my mind", above, you will be treated to a video of Ray Charles.)

We live in interesting times.

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