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Food, Phone, Space and a Spaced Out Bear

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My search for food that isn't patented by Monsanto, continues;

From, "The Sawdust is My Slave",
by Rupert Stephens

"Every year I see my fellow fruit and vegetable farmers leaning more and more heavily on bigger and better machines in order to combat the cost and scarcity of dependable farm labour. From my sawdust viewpoint, these farmers are using expensive machines, gas and oil to rip up and destroy fiber and humus, the very life blood of their soil. Faulkner in Plowman's Folly urged farmers to throw away their plows. After 13 years with sawdust I would say throw away all your implements especially Faulkner's pet, the Disc harrow. Please bear in mind I am only referring to one type of farming and gardening - fruit, vegetables and flower culture, on a large or small scale. Home gardeners on the Coast are having wonderful results with Sawdust Mulch, and there are plenty of piles of sawdust scattered all through Canada and the U.S. crying out to be used."
"Modern super-cultivation causes casualties in astronomical figures to the unseen inhabitants of the soil. I am referring to the numerous beneficial types of soil bacteria and fungus that are absolutely necessary for healthy plant growth, and for the health of the people or animals that eat it. It is true that as a novelty or emergency measure, plants can be grown in pure sterile sand or water to which has been added a chemical solution. Let the other fellow eat the produce grown in this matter - not my family, or the customers that buy my produce..." 1951

In My Quest for healthy cereal,
I found this from Nature's Path;

This stuff will not get soggy....ever.
It was at that I found the piece about microbes and other important ingredients of healthy soil. I was reading up on how organic the cereal might be, and found a wealth of information at the website. So I tried a bowl of Heritage o's.

Breakfast (cell phone cam) 9/5/08
I had a bowl of this cereal with banana, blueberries and organic milk. It was crunchy. I experimented and left it sit for 10 minutes and it was still crunchy. Sometimes my cereal gets soggy before I am finished, but these, "O's", are not likely to ever get soggy. Good though.
The owners, in 1985

Arran & Ratana Stephens
I liked the cereal and, after visiting the website, I like the philosophy of the people who make it. It includes grains that will probably never be genetically modified.
Happy Phil plays The Squeaky Wheel
"I'd rather play my guitar."
Have you ever looked at your phone bill and wondered what the heck is, "Enhanced Services Billing"? And why is that on my bill, to the tune of $29.90? Well I did, and here's how I got that off my bill;

First I called one of the companies listed on the "ESBI" page of my bill. EMAIL Discounts, LLC, whatever that is. Some one answered in the middle of the first ring. It was a woman with an accent I couldn't identify. I asked who I was speaking to, and why was a bill from them on my phone bill? She asked what number I was calling from and looked it up on her computer. She began to ask me questions like, name, social security number, etc. I didn't give her that information, but instead asked her, "What country am I talking to?" She declined to answer, so I explained to her that I had never heard of her company and am quite sure I have never used their services and that I didn't appreciate them being on my phone bill. She in turn, kept reverting back to her script so I informed her I would talk to the phone company instead, goodbye.

I called AT&T, and fenced with the computer driven call routing system until I realized the quickest way to get someone on the line was to say; "Operator". I was then put on hold until the battery ran down on the handset. (I have to remember to get a new battery at Wall-Mart.) I found that it's faster to call them from the phone that is their account, my land line, than to call them from my cell phone. It takes an extra 10 minutes to convince them that I am me if I am not calling from the phone they have listed.

Today I called again and when asked questions by the computer voice, just said; "Operator." This got me to the place that let me know a service representative would be available within 5 minutes. I figured I was on a roll. A guy named, "Angelo", answered the line and I explained that there was a charge on my phone bill from some service that had my phone number, but not my e-mail address, and they were billing me for a service that I neither had, nor wanted. I told him I thought it probably was a scam that some people might not notice on their bill, but that I have a fixed income and couldn't afford to support any shady operations, so please get it off my account.

At 4:18pm, he said he was calling ESBI and that he would get me un-enrolled and my account would be credited. Would I hold, please.

Sometime later, a young woman with an accent was speaking on the line. It took me a few minutes to establish that she was with ESBI, and that her name was, "Day." I asked; "Do you spell that, D-A-Y?" "No", she says; "It's spelled, D-A-Y." "Right, got it."
I told day my problem, and that she could solve it by un-enrolling me and crediting my account. She could only keep starting over from the beginning of her written script, and clearly didn't understand what I was saying. I asked her to let me speak to her supervisor. She went back to the beginning of her script. I told her to get her supervisor. She went back to the beginning of her script. I demanded to speak to her supervisor and she finally got the message.

Day's, (Spelled D-A-Y.), supervisor was named, "Aliah". I didn't ask her how to spell it.
I told Aliah my story, adding, Angelo and Day to the narrative. She suggested, more than once, that I contact the companies on the bill and work it out with them. I explained, more than once, that they required me to give them information that would give them access to my computer and,(If I had one.), bank account, before they would discuss canceling my enrollment with them. It was up to ESBI to clean up their act and get off my bill or I was going to pester AT&T until they contracted with someone other than ESBI. Would I hold while she spoke with her supervisor? Yes.

3 minutes later, Aliah, is back on the line assuring me that my AT&T account will be credited, and ESBI will take care of un-enrolling me, and they are sorry for the inconvenience. I said; "Thank you, Aliah, you have made me happy, and this day, (D-A-Y), is a little brighter."

Rings Around Saturn's Moons

The Cassini spacecraft has detected a faint, partial ring orbiting one of Saturn's smallest moons, Anthe, pictured here, and has confirmed the presence of another partial ring orbiting with a second moon.

Lets check on Ike

Hanna, Ike, and Josephine in Atlantic 9/6/08
Guard Bear at Pot Farm Runs Amok

A bear
Investigators in Utah say that a large black bear raided a clandestine marijuana growing operation so often that it chased the grower away.Deputies found food containers ripped apart and strewn everywhere, cans with bear teeth marks, claw marks and bear prints across the camp in Garfield County, Utah, on Tuesday.
"That's some, "Pic-a-nic Basket, eh Boo Boo."

Hurricane Ike

Look out New Orleans
Today's somewhat appropriate song;
Sam Cooke-A Change Is Gonna Come

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