Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike, Outer Limits, Cup of Resentments, and Out Of Gas

In The Wake of The Storm

Ike moves on from Texas
[Image of 3-day forecast, and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

Following Ike with forecast.

I don't have any updates on Sue's beach house at this time. The power is out in Houston for awhile and I am sure everything is just the way it is. Verizon still works down there, but I don't want to use airspace that might be used for emergencies.

The Outer Limits
The Gibson/Palin Love-fest
Man, that, "interview", was hard for me to stomach.
Because I am a science fiction fan, I enjoyed how she would turn into a Zombie when asked any important or controversial questions. I guess that's what "they" were doing to her while they have kept her hiding from the public; "Orientation and programming", after, "the implant".
When asked unwanted questions, her face would go slack, her eyes would glaze over, and in a mechanical, halting, monotone voice she would recite some, "stock answer", that really had nothing to do with the question.

Lucky for regular TV viewers, only the highlights, (the smiling perky Palin), without the zombie stuff, are being shown now.

Today In Redding

Nice day on the balcony, (see the Buick?) 9/13/08

I woke up this morning, (and it was a good thing), and my plans of sleeping in were changed, as usual, by my structural damage. If I have been laying down too long, my spine shifts and touches the worn spot on my sciatic nerve. Ooh, wee! The result is a feeling in my left leg like someone is whacking it with a crowbar. It gets me out of bed and hopping around instantly.

I went to the kitchen, jerkily walking, like I was being electrified, and put on a pot of coffee. Once the distracting sensations subsided, and as the coffee automatically dripped, I read the Daily Word and Daily Reflections. I have found that it's a good way to start my day in a positive and spiritually uplifting way.

The coffee, Sumatra, began to smell tantalizingly delicious, and I was ready for a cup. I decided to pick a cup, other than my regular, favorite coffee cup, and this is where I discovered a "hidden" resentment. There is one coffee cup that I wont use because it comes from the house of, "certain people."

The cup of, "hidden resentments" 9/13/08
I thought, not choosing this cup was just a preference, like choosing players for a game, it was left out. Little did I know that I have been harboring a dislike for the people who's cup it had been.
Part of the 12 step program is to eliminate negative influences from ones behavior and person. When we have a resentment, it is best for all concerned to make amends to ourselves and to others, when possible. So I spent my morning examining my experiences with the people behind the cup. Very illuminating. More unfinished business.
Why would I keep bad feelings toward them?
Is it because they were untruthful?
I will have to chew on this for awhile.

In the meantime, I am drinking coffee from this cup with no undesirable symptoms. In fact, the Sumatran coffee tastes great!

Gas Prices

The price of gas today in Redding 9/13/08
I went out this afternoon to get some gas.

I was "chatting", with Fred last night, and he said the price of gas in Mississippi had jumped to 4.49, just as Ike was hitting Galveston. The industry excuse was the closing of the rigs and refineries due to the hurricane. I find it hard to believe that the refineries produce just enough gas for each day. Anyone would set aside at least 6 months worth of gasoline reserves in case of supply problems. The oil companies are getting away with murder, (Iraq).

So I spent the last of this months money on gas, at $3.76 a gallon, before they stick it to us in California and jack up the price here. The fact that our California prices go up and down with the, "World Market", is insulting enough. The oil industry tells us, "even though California has it's own oil, and does not import, our prices are determined by the World Market." So who controls the world market? The petroleum industry! Gaaah!
Relatively Appropriate Song for Today;
The Clash-Rock The Casbah


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