Friday, September 19, 2008

Poo, Politics, Planes, aPology, Pie, Planet and Pin-up

Humble Pie

Spore-Flinging Fungi

Set Flight Record

Speedy Spores Seek Poo Free Surroundings
Scientists have measured the fastest launch acceleration known in nature -- a tiny fungal spore that is squirted eight feet away from its home on a dung heap to greener pastures.

These microscopic spores are stationary, and one millionth of a second later, they are moving at 25 meters per second [56 miles per hour].

Given the size of the spores, this acceleration would be equivalent to a person traveling at 5,000 times the speed of sound.

It is the need to get their spores away from the pile of poo on which these fungi live that drove the evolution of their dramatic ability. These fungi live in the dung of herbivores, performing the critical function of helping to degrade the manure, but their spores must be eaten by herbivore hosts for the fungi to reproduce.

For their part, the herbivores won't graze too near their own droppings, maintaining a "zone of repugnance" around their dung heaps. The spores must clear the zone to more appetizing ground where they can be munched by a cow or an elephant to complete the cycle.(Jessica Marshall, Discovery News)

Anti-Palin Rally in Alaska

(Not covered by the mainstream media)

Picture from biggest political rally, EVER, in Alaska.

Anti-Palin rally in Alaska Thanks to Garie
The internet is the best freedom of information tool since the stone tablet. All around the world, in any country, a person can get on line and find out what is going on, anywhere on the planet.

In case you missed Saturday Night Live with Tina Fay playing Sara Palin at the opening, you can see it here;

SNL Opening Skit with Tina Fay

More Ike Pictures

PBY and Bi-Plane inside Lone Star Flight Museum

People are returning to find damages on the inside of buildings.

The museum is seeking donations for repairs
More Things That Fly

"Mom always liked you best." Thanks to Jo Anna
Here in Redding
I feel an apology is necessary...

Apologetic Phil 9/18/08
For reasons that I am still learning, Happy Phil, was in a, sort of, grumpy mood today.

I was talking with a friend, about people's problems, and I found myself limiting the number of those I could help, for various reasons. I think that it was that lack of faith that put me in a, "I am different than them, therefore I can't waste my time trying to help them", state of mind.

I heard myself saying faithless remarks; "If they don't read as much, or as well as I do, how can they possibly understand what I am saying?" Wow, I can still be a jerk!

"Well, I do, kind of, sponsor 2 or 3 people, but I don't want to actually call it official."

"Someone told me, I don't sponsor more people because I am afraid I will fail."

Then I rattled off a bunch more excuses for my behavior and heard myself using the vernacular to punctuate my cavalier pretentiousness.

I have been so wrapped up in my own world that I have turned down 3 people, in the past week, who asked for guitar lessons. Apparently I was thinking my playing is too advanced for students!

Way to go, Mr. joy and happiness!
God has been sending these people. He want's me to help, and I have been turning them away because I don't believe I can help them.

I forgot why I have been given all these gifts.

My apologies to ALL concerned.

All-righty then.

Apple Pie and Ice Cream

Apple tree on fence
When I was at Stu and Sandi's, Tuesday, I took this picture of their apple tree. It's branches are strung out on the fence. I had never seen that before and asked how the apples tasted. They sent me home with a piece of apple pie made from those very apples. I added some ice cream and before I could take a picture, I had just about eaten it all.

Apple pie with ice cream mmm...good

I didn't know there was an Association of Space Explorers.
Where have I been?

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Fly Me To The Moon-Julie London

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Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday Happy Phil,
In reading Thursdays blog's I enjoyed the articles. I'm sorry that you had a bad day.You need to give yourself more credit than you do. You have touched a lot of people's live and brought joy all the way. Please remember those times. Embrass them and Cheer up! How did the dentist go? You know you have a couple of things on your plate right now and once they get cleared up You'll feel like a million bucks again.

Tslk to you soon
Yor friend