Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Guess It's All How You Look At It

September 22, 2008

Autumnal Equinox-Day and Night are Equal

Winter Solstice at Stonehenge-Shortest Day of the Year

The Autumnal equinox historically marks the end of harvesting and time to start preparing for the approaching Winter.
Ancient peoples around the world built structures to mark this day.
Sometimes the same structure would be designed to mark both Equinox's and Solstice's.
These 4 points of the year were important for survival.
Times of planting, hunting, flooding, and harvesting could be anticipated and carried out, so that the group, tribe, or village would not starve, freeze or be swept away in a flood.

Another View of Ike

Hurricane Ike from the International Space Station
Fred sent me a link to some terrific pictures of hurricanes taken from 220 miles up in the Space Station.
Check it out...'Hurricanes from Orbit

Here In Redding

Smilin' Phil 9/20/08

I went to the dentist Friday to get a broken tooth repaired. I am on a fixed income, so my insurance is Medi-Cal. I am glad I have what I have, for without it, I wouldn't be able to afford any medical or dental care. Medi-Cal is forced to work within very tight budget restraints, so I am only qualified for stainless steel caps. I told the dentist to go ahead with whatever he was allowed to do, and he did.

Naturally I did a little studying afterwards to be sure it was safe to have stainless steel in my mouth, and I found this report...

Biodegradation Of Nickel And Chromium From Stainless Steel Crowns And Space Maintainers - An In Vitro Study

Results showed that there was statistically significant release of both nickel and chromium which reached maximum level at the end of 7 days and gradually reduced thereafter. The maximum release of nickel and chromium was not capable of causing any toxicity.
That's a relief, now my other concern...Will I have a bright shiny chrome tooth when I smile? My teeth have seen better days, but I am a happy person and smile a lot, anyway. But will I look like I belong in "The Treasure of Sierra Madre?"

"We don't need no stinking badges."

Only if I am singing, will it show, and then only when I am performing with a band and singing full power. That's O.K., since I generally sing blues when I am with a band, and the chrome tooth is part of my "Old Blues Guy" look.

Don't Eat Backyard Mushrooms
My neighbors dog, Brandi, thought the little mushrooms growing in the back yard looked tasty. Before Jo Anna could stop her, that little stinker managed to take a bite out of one.
Jo Anna checked with the vet who told her to just keep an eye on Brandi, and if she got seriously ill, to bring her in.
After keeping Jo Anna up all night, Brandi managed to poop away her troubles, and is her happy self again today.

Brandi, alive and well after poopy night. 9/21/08

Protect Your Pets
Always watch for mushrooms in areas where you walk your dogs or where they run and play. Be especially cautious of parasol-shaped mushrooms and all small brown mushrooms. Check your yard each morning, especially in damp weather, for new growth before letting your dog outside. Remember that new mushrooms can appear overnight. Whenever you find mushrooms in your yard, dig them up. Smashing or kicking them spreads the spores and even more will grow.

The Adventures of Bat Girl

Bat Girl waits for car repairs
3,000 miles away in New England, Bat Girl waits to see if the transmission can be fixed, before resuming her trip across America.
Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of, The Adventures of Bat Girl.

Study: Many 8th-graders can't handle algebra
Peering beneath the hood of a national push to have all students take algebra by eighth grade, a new study out today finds that many of the nation's lowest-performing middle-schoolers are in way over their heads. They take algebra and other advanced math courses before they've mastered basic skills such as multiplication, division and problem-solving with fractions.

I was just talking today with a couple of people in their 40's about algebra. It seems that one of them was taking a college course in algebra and was having difficulty. The other person, a computer tech, said he has never found a use for it. I kept my thoughts to myself because I didn't feel like they would take them in a positive way.

For the student, understanding how algebra works is a stepping stone to calculus, (Issac Newton developed calculus to help craft his theories.), and as for the computer tech; He might be a computer designer if he learned how to use algebra.

Had I devoted more time to higher mathematics, I probably would not have had time for wine, women and song.
Which brings me to...
Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Sam Cooke-Don't Know Much About History

What A Wonderful World This Is

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