Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike, Dead Zone, Lousy Pilot, Bat Girl, and BBQ at the Taylors

Hurricane Ike, Helping to Save The Gulf?

Crystal Beach before and after Ike 9/16/08

People who didn't get gas before the hurricane
In Galveston, water and sewer systems aren't working. Its hospital is closed. The city is littered with debris and officials are asking for help against disease-carrying mosquitoes. One of the biggest challenges may be ensuring clean drinking water for the region.

"We're telling people who are here if they can leave, leave,'' Galveston spokeswoman Mary Jo Naschke said by telephone today. "We are telling residents we will let them know when it's OK to return. Right now it's not good.''

Still no word from my sister. Most of Houston is still without power.
You may ask, "How is this hurricane helping?"
I will explain;
The pollution we are pouring into the Mississippi river flows into the Gulf of Mexico where it creates a Dead Zone in the water.

Satellite image shows sediment loads from the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers entering the Gulf of Mexico. (Image courtesy NASA)
For quick education about the Dead Zone, go HERE

The effect of the hurricane, stirring up the Gulf waters, could help dilute the oxygen depleted waters and aid in the restoration of aquatic life. So what may be disruptive to some industries, could be beneficial to those lives that depend on oxygen.

Can Dead Zones Recover?
Dead zones are reversible. The Black Sea dead zone, previously the largest dead zone in the world, largely disappeared between 1991 and 2001 after fertilizers became too costly to use following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the demise of centrally planned economies in Eastern and Central Europe. Fishing has again become a major economic activity in the region.(wikipedia)

Veterans Against John McCain

Navy pilot John Sidney McCain III should have never been allowed to graduate from the U.S. Navy flight school. He was a below average student and a lousy pilot. Had his father and grandfather not been famous four star U.S. Navy admirals, McCain III would have never been allowed in the cockpit of a military aircraft.

His father John S. "Junior" McCain was commander of U.S. forces in Europe later becoming commander of American forces in Vietnam while McCain III was being held prisoner of war. McCain III's grandfather John S. McCain, Sr. commanded naval aviation at the Battle of Okinawa in 1945.

During his relative short stunt on flight status, McCain III lost five U.S. Navy aircraft, four in accidents and one in combat.

The Adventures of Bat Girl

Bat Girl, Day One 9/16/08
"First night on the road, all tuckered out and feeling yucky from my flea meds."
Stay tuned for the next exciting installment.

Here in Redding
Dinner at Stu and Sandi's

Stu quickly takes chicken to the cooker

Sandi shows me Teddy's watch

Willie says; "You let the chicken cook for 2 hours".

Skittles, the chicken, and Stu agree it's ready.

Beer Butt Chicken 9/16/08

A really novel way to cook chicken on the BBQ. The can contains beer and barbecue sauce and steams the chicken from the inside. Stu explained that the beauty of this way of cooking is to leave the chicken alone for 2 hours while you visit with your guests. There's no turning or fooling around on the grill while it cooks.
I couldn't taste or smell the beer, but for the AA purist, I imagine you could use a can of coke.
Dinner was delicious, with corn on the cob and macaroni salad.

Sitting out by the fire pit after dinner 9/16/08
We sat out by the fire, drinking coffee and talking about this and that. One of the subjects of our conversation was Merle Haggard. Earlier, Sandi was saying how much she enjoys Willie Nelson, so I had a pretty good idea as to what today's appropriate song might be.
Thanks Sandi and Stu.
Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard-Pancho and Lefty

Divine Order

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Sandi said...

HI Phil, I really enjoyed your blog. especially Willie Nelson's songs and videos. Did I mention the great company!!!! Sorry dinner took so long...
We really had a great evening and hope to do it again soon,