Sunday, March 8, 2009

Extended Evenings Ahead

Time Change

Newly adjusted time and temperature.
It seems like we just did this time changing thing last year. I even wrote a piece explaining the origins and historical events pertaining to, "time".
You can see that post by doing this;

Or you can click HERE
if you wish to read about time.

What A Day

It was a perfectly good day for pictures...3/7/09

I am glad I had my camera with me when I went to the music store to return a couple of microphones. I have been trying out various condenser microphones to add to my recording equipment. I got a new AT Pro37 mic, last month and I really enjoy the improved quality in my recordings. So I have been looking for another condenser mic to enhance the overall texture of my productions. The ones I tried the other night were not up to the task, and I will keep looking.

While I was out,
Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen kept appearing at every turn in the road. They begged to be photographed, so I obliged them. I am glad I did.

You can see a little slide show I made with Picasa, and uploaded to You Tube. Just click HERE

I Just Saved A Bundle!

The lizard was right. I saved a lot by switching to Geico.

I was just about to write a check
for my regular car insurance, when I saw the Geico commercial I got in the mail. I had set it aside just for this moment. I figure it's worth checking out, so I filled out the stuff for a free quote. I am glad I did. The premium for Geico was a little over half of what I was paying to Farmers. I signed up right away, in the middle of the night. It took about 15 minutes.

On the 15th, I switch from the farmer, to the lizard.

I Like This Stuff...

Leonardo Da Vinci
invented the scissors.

I Sure do enjoy the fun and informative e-mail you send me.
This was part of an e-mail I got from my neighbor.
Thanks Jo Anna.

Sunny Day At The Park

Picturesque day at the park...3/8/09

Your table is ready...

What a beautiful day
. I went to a couple of meetings* and on my way back home, I stopped at the park for a few minutes. How nice.

*We had a, "special", board meeting to replace the president who quit. It was an instructive and entertaining event. During the meeting, the vice-president quit. He wanted me to be the president, but it seemed that the secretary would be happier being president than me. Now we had two seats to fill. We discussed our options, and came up with a satisfying solution. Positions were filled and we continue to function.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Why Cant We Be Friends

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