Monday, March 16, 2009

Sound As A Bell...

Got A Nice Ring To It

Saturn's rings from the Cassini spacecraft.

The Cassini spacecraft peers through Saturn's delicate, translucent inner C ring to see the diffuse blue limb of Saturn's atmosphere. Bigger Picture
For the really adventurous, there is an amazing 3-D tour of the Cassini mission. Tour

Dione seen behind, "edge-on", view of Saturn's rings.

Saturn's rings from Cassini Spacecraft ...3/8/09

Special Features

Watching movies on a rainy day......3/15/09

I was watching movies I found on the internet, today, and I wondered if there was a channel just for "Special Features".
I see the light.
One of my favorite parts of movies on DVD, are the special features. The making of the movie, out-takes, location, special effects, and other items of interest relative to the movie. Sometimes the special features are as good, or better than the movie. Netflix recently announced that it planned to leave the special features off it's rental movies.

I was watching movies
from HULU, today and thought it would have been nice to see the special features, too. I then thought, "How about a 'Special Features' website that just had special features without the movies"? A few people have posted special features on You Tube, but not many. I envision a site that is nothing but, "Special Features". (You would have to find the movies elsewhere.)

Lift Off

U.S. space shuttle Discovery launched successfully.

Fully Differential Amplifier

New design can operate in extreme temperatures.

Yesterday, I was looking at the individual components of the Cassini spacecraft, and came across a warm box, (heating unit). One of its purposes was to keep things warm enough to operate in that extreme cold of space.

Today, I read in Science Daily , that researchers at the university of Arkansas have have designed and successfully tested an electronic micro amplifier that can operate directly in the space environment without protection from a warm box.

Alien Invasion
Russia Mussels In

Thumbnail size Quagga's taking over American lakes.

They showed up in Lake Michigan,
where the effects on the food chain are just now showing in our food supply. Their small size and low caloric content make them a poor food choice, in case you were thinking we could control Quagga's by eating them.

Quagga mussels are now spreading
well beyond the Great Lakes, hitching rides with commercial and recreational boats as they are ridden or moved into new water systems. They recently muscled into Nevada's Lake Mead, where they breed faster thanks to the area's warmer waters. Quagga mussels have been found clogging pipes in Hoover Dam, and it could cost millions of dollars and huge amounts of manpower to keep systems there mussel-free.

What A Difference A Day Made
Music-LMP Trio

It was a gloriously, stormy day.
The wind blew, the rain poured, and as the storm dissipated, it was rainbow photo time.


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