Friday, March 13, 2009

Near Hits and Misses


Russian escape pod.

It was interesting to read
that this is not the first time the space station crew had to take cover in the Russian escape pod. It reminds me that there was no escape pod, until the Russians sent one up. The American escape pod is still not ready to go. The original space station plan was to get an American escape pod up there by 2015! Call me overly cautious, but I would put the escape pod up in space first.

Self Healing Paint

Just park in the sun and scratch heals in 1 hour.

"We have developed a new macromolecule," said Marek Urban, who, along with Biswajit Ghosh, wrote the paper. "When the polymer is damaged and exposed to sunlight, it is capable of repairing itself, and could be applied to many systems." The Whole Story

Only Thinking Of Themselves

A sunny day in Bejing.

For the past 20 years,
scientists and researchers have been studying changes in plants, insects, and the animals that eat them, in the areas of the planet that are affected by global dimming. Life forms have shown changes in growth, flowering, and reproductive behavior. Because there is less light, plants flower and go to seed at a different time than the insects and birds that pollinate and propagate them. This has been cause for alarm among researchers for nearly 10 years, but it is just now getting attention. This is because it is affecting industrial output. To hell with the birds and bee's, this could cost money!

I found it interesting
, in the article, that parts of Europe, that have had controls on using sulfur in coal, have shown brightening in their skies.
The Story

Floating School Closed
Due To Hungry Crocodiles

What caught my eye in the story was the floating school.
How cool would that be?
"Sorry I was late, but a crocodile ate my homework."
Fox Crocodile Story

Protected By Dark Matter

Dwarf Galaxies and dark matter. (photo-Hubble)

Over time, most galaxies get torn apart by gravitational forces, but these old dwarf galaxies have been protected by a shield of dark matter.
Story Here

Friday the 13th

Let the day begin...3/13/09

The patron saint of, "Sleeping In", seems to have taken the day off, today. Either that, or there was a special at the wood chipper rental place, "1/2 off if returned by noon".

I gave sleeping through it, an attempt or two, but I guess my heart wasn't in it, so I got my camera and went to see where the noise was coming from.

Wood Chipper Serenade

New neighbors and chipper.........3/13/09


Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Good Morning


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