Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reality In Different Media


Thanks to Jo and Brandi for sending this in an e-mail.

If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of them, what do you call it?

I have been wonderfully busy
with many different projects to fill me with joy, wonder, and a sense of accomplishment. I am even completing some of the projects I begin.

An interesting combination of mediums is a video I am making for a little contest. Entries are supposed to explain nano science. To do mine, I have written and recorded a song called, "Fullerenes", to use as the soundtrack. This is one of 4 songs that are giving me, "hands on", experience with the new iLife '09, GarageBand. The on screen interface looks like this...

Song production with GarageBand,(Life Is What You...).

Next, visuals.

Chimney Sweep Mouse

I figure to use this little mouse to carry the storyline. He will sweep industrial smokestacks, collect CO2, and separate the carbon from the oxygen. From the carbon, he will extract Fullerenes, and Nano Tubes, by the ton. He will then give them to scientists and engineers to use in the construction of bridges, elevated trains, super conductive cable, nano circuits, and thousands of other applications. In the end the air is cleaner, America is the world leader in manufacturing, and the skies are not cloudy all day.

Well now, how the heck am I going to animate the mouse? I could hand draw a couple of thousand pictures, photograph them, string the photos together into a motion picture, and have my video ready sometime next year. I could just put a cutout on a stick and move it around. Or, I can figure out how to use the animation program I got today, and make it that way.

I think I will sleep on it.

Dorothy O'Neil's Garden Awakes

From Dorothy's backyard garden....3/10/09

I found this poking up out there too.

This was growing from a dropped bulb on the path.

What a nice surprise. I looked out behind building, "A", this afternoon and saw that flowers are beginning to adorn Dorothy's garden. I took some pictures and there may be another greeting card or two in the bunch.

I had some very interesting dreams last night.

In one, I got to play
some blues guitar for my Dad. He was my dad, only he looked like Ernie Kovacs. There was a great cast of characters and it took place on a dusty hillside. I played a red Gibson, double cutaway, solid body guitar, like I had for awhile in 1966, when I played in Houston.

In another dream, I was walking from banquet room to banquet room, to find the party for the disabled people, that someone had told me about. Finally, after twisting and turning through the back passageways, I came to a poorly lit room where there was a party with cake and ice cream. I looked past the people, to the other side of the room and saw Chrissy looking to catch my attention. I could see the light of love in her eyes. She had her wheelchair, and we made our way out of the building, where we came to a canal, or flooded street. (New Orleans?).

As she would often do, when she was alive, she drove her wheelchair right into the water to get to the other side. It was deeper than we thought, but she plowed on until the only thing above water was her head, moving along through the dark water, as her wheelchair kept on going. It was fun to see.

I wonder if there will be more to the story tonight?

Tonight's Relatively Appropriate Song;


Sweet Dreams

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