Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is That A "Real" Miracle Tortilla?

Holy Mole'

"Jesus Pan" Click here to order!

"Made from durable steel and topped with a non-stick coating, the Jesus Pan puts the image of Jesus RIGHT ON FOOD!" Now, for just $29.99, even your shamefully dull eucharistic bread can be served all logo'd up! "Take, eat, this is my one true bread... at participating churches only."

This made my Sunday morning complete. I was reading; "Top Ten Worst Bible Passages", and found this other site; "Gadgets for God". From "Jesus loves you", flip flops, to a 110 foot Jesus hot air balloon, I was amazed and entertained by this stuff.

The, Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich, (or tortillas), frying pan is perfect.

Jesus Playing "Footie"

Gooooooaaaaaallllll! Buy it HERE, really!

I love this wonderful universe
that God created, and I find it interesting, amusing, and sometimes scary.

One of the strangest mysteries to me is why there are religious wars between believers of the same basic book?

The Jews own the Bible. Islam and Christianity are just renting. Protestants are subletting from the Catholics. Why so much animosity?

Nice Weather We Are Having

Mount Lassen from the Gold Hill Golf Course. 9/26/09

Yesterday, the Phil Seymour Band played for the doctors at the 2nd Annual Drive Out Cancer, golf tournament. The doctor who did my hernia surgery was there for the dinner. The people on the golf course played in the 110 degree heat. No one had to call for a doctor. Some pictures of the course, HERE.

Today, the temperature is expected to be around 105, so we are getting a cold snap. (Actually, we are.) The weather report says that tomorrows temp will be 83, and by Tuesday it is supposed to drop to a high of 70, with rain and thunderstorms. That sounds interesting.

Beatles Videos

A-Z Beatles on YouTube, HERE.

Animal Of The Day
On my Yahoo page of
gadgets, I have a module
called Animal Of The

Today was a Costa Rican
red tailed squirrel.

This is the best picture
they could come up with.

I knew I could do better.

Google Images;
Red Tailed Squirrel

Now that's a red tailed squirrel.

Whenever possible,
I like to take my own pictures to use in my blogs, but I haven't been to Central America, and I didn't have the time to fly there today to photograph red tailed squirrels in the wild. When that happens, I can always count on Google Images. Really. I simply typed in, "red tailed squirrel", and got hundreds of images to choose from. I wonder who chooses the pictures for Animal Of The Day? That would be a fun job.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Video;

Monkey Waiters

Peace Please

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