Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Does That Mean?

Contemplating the future? (Photo - Tracy Raver)

Dick Army's Rally

A few thousand followers of right wing radio and TV.
Liar, Liar, Liar!
The Economic Collapse Was Caused By The Poor!
Death Panels To Kill Grandma!
Government Health Care Is Slavery!

10,000 year old remains of a right wing conservative.

These crazy headlines
and bogus rallies would be completely laughable, except there are people who actually believe this stuff.

I have to ask myself, "Why would large corporations invest so much money in all this anti American government propaganda?"

The conglomerates who sponsor and support the pseudo-journalists and radio/television personalities who will forward the corporate agenda.

For example, the NYT best seller list is top heavy with the paranoid ramblings of such literary geniuses as Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Dick Morris and Michelle Malkin. How can that be possible? These people have a grade school vocabulary and intellect, yet they are among the top 10 selling books in America? How can this be?

Simple; Bulk Sales.
The Corporatocracy, (I made that up), simply buys enough of these, "things", for Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, and, "poof!", it's a best seller.

Of course
95% of the people at the rally don't actually read books, but they will parrot whatever they have heard.

A Salted Peanut (Thanks to my sister, Sue.)

The pharmaceutical/insurance Juggernaut
is blocking the path to conscientious, compassionate behavior, by appealing to the fears of the confused and unhappy. The result is harmful and deadly to Americans who have lost, can't afford, and need health care.

Ignorance may be bliss,
but it's getting people killed by purpose, and by neglect. The people who promote these anti-American rallies take advantage of our citizens of lower intellect, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Ha, ha, corporations and shame?

I am reminded
of the ignorant and illiterate Christian right, and the ignorant and illiterate Muslim extremists, who blindly are at war because someone misinterpreted the Hebrew Bible. The war on health care is just as crazy. If you know someone who actually believes the weird stuff the right wing nuts are shouting, try to understand they just don't have the mental capacity to know better. Calm them down, give them a cookie, and re-teach them the golden rule.

Hanging out at the river, today. 9/12/09

I drove out to Palo Cedro
this afternoon to see the Honey Bee Festival. I sailed the Buick around the countryside for about an hour looking for Bishop Quinn High School. I finally found it. An arrow would have been helpful, but I guess everybody already knew where to go. By the time I got there it was just about over, so I came back to Redding and went down along the Sacramento river.

Lucky for all, the 29th annual Honeybee Festival continues on Sunday, and now that I can find it, I plan to go back earlier tomorrow and enjoy it.

The river was beautiful.

Cool, where the blackberries still bloom. 9/12/09

On the top
of the river banks it was 95 degrees, but a few steps down to the water and the breeze was blowing 20 degrees cooler.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Down By The Riverside - Sister Rosetta Tharpe

I Love This Place

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