Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Making Music

In Richmond

With Leona and Marian, at the piano. 11/7/09

I went to Richmond, CA, last weekend, to do some recording with Marian and Leona. It has been awhile since we made a new CD, so we carved out some time to put a few more tunes on record, (or should I say, "On file"?), and gathered by the piano in Marian's living room.

We set up
in different spots than usual, but after a little mental adjustment, we sounded different, but alright. When we record again, I think we will go back to the guitar being on the left hand with the bass and chords, and the sax on the right hand with the melody.

We recorded 40 songs that I will edit and mix over the next week or so. I think I can make the appropriate adjustments and repairs to bring the recordings into compliance with our high standards, then pare down the list to the best 20 to put on a CD.

Possible New CD Cover

The Red Oak

We visited the Red Oak Victory Ship 11/08/09

I took some more pictures
of the SS Red Oak Victory. Through donations to the Richmond Museum of History, our CD's help raise money for the restoration of this last victory class ship, built at the Kaiser Shipyards during WWII.

Breakfast On The Hill

Marian at the golf course. 11/8/09

I usually have my good camera with me wherever I roam, but I had no idea that we would be going to such a picturesque place for breakfast. At least I could test out my new cell phone camera to see what it can do...(Note to self; Always bring your good camera.).

S.F. Bay

View of San Francisco from Mira Vista CC 11/8/09

The Huey White Show Band

Marian playing with the Huey White Show Band. 11/9/09

I recorded the Huey White band
on Monday afternoon. They were playing in San Pablo. The quality of the recording is lively and each instrument is clear and distinct. I used 2 condenser microphones to record the group. The only editing I need to do is cutting out bloopers and, where I can, replacing them with the same notes from another part of the songs. Luckily they took a lot of solos on each song.

It was fun to see and hear the band. They are very entertaining and they have a good time playing the good old songs of yesteryear. A couple of the guys have been playing together since grade school. The bass player, Bud, also plays guitar with the LMP Trio, in my absence. (They call it the LMB Trio when Bud plays.)

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Any Time by The LMP Trio


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