Friday, November 20, 2009

When The Spirit Moves

Rocking Out
Movement from Spirit's Second Extrication Drive
Mars rover, Spirit rocking out of sand trap.

That's the Spirit.
The rover is performing the same maneuver one would use to get a stuck car out of snow, sand or mud. It's a slower process when the driver is on Earth and the vehicle is on Mars, but they think it could be out of the rut in as little as a few months time. ARTICLE.

Salmon Embryo's

I have been helping my friend Mark with research into the fate of Salmon in the Sacramento river. It is turning out to be a very complicated issue. As a result of human activity, the survival of Sacramento river Salmon has become completely dependent on human intervention. Stay tuned for updates and more information.

Rock On

"Even educated fleas do it."


It's hard to see reality sometimes. It's even harder if one is ignorant. It may be hard to see 4 separate circles in the illusion above, but once you have traced them, you know that under the illusion, it's really 4 circles. If we didn't know better, we might believe that we are really looking at spirals.

I think a lot of people skipped civics class in school, or maybe a lot of schools don't teach civics. Every time I see people with signs protesting, "Obamacare", I am appalled by the numbers of ignorant people who don't know how our government works. The president asked congress to produce a plan to improve American health care, when they have completed and passed the bill, it is his job to sign it.

I think
we may need to improve our education system, soon.

Just a happy thought.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield


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