Friday, November 6, 2009

Whether Vein, Vane, or Vain?

Seed Close Up
Bird of paradise seed - Annie Cavanagh and Dave McCarthy

M83 Close Up
Southern Pinwheel Galaxy detail from the Hubble

The spectacular new camera installed on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope during Servicing Mission 4 in May has delivered the most detailed view of star birth in the graceful, curving arms of the nearby spiral galaxy M83. You can see this in greater detail HERE

Dust Devil Art

Tattoo on the skin of Mars. Image - MRO/NASA

See this image and more, HERE.

Those tricky devils on Mars not only stir up the red dust, but they leave the dark surface exposed where they have spun.

NASA reports the Martian Dust Devils have been cleaning the solar panels on the rovers.

Latest Rover Image

Surface Close Up

Ha ha, it's the crook of my arm. (Image-my cell phone cam)

I had some blood
drawn this morning for some tests. That tiny red dot in the picture is the needle site. I am always happy when someone is good at what they do. Especially if they are doing it to me. Some people can draw blood and you will hardly notice, while others can make the same procedure a painful, wounding ordeal. I guess some people have a knack for sticking us with needles, while others give us the karaoke version.

Space Station

Space station as seen from approaching shuttle 8/30/09.

Here in Redding, we are enjoying a little welcome rain.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Rain - Beatles

Life Is Good

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