Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th Of July Weekend

2014 Style

Wheel and Dome.jpg
From building A stairwell

We had a nice fireworks display this 4th of July at 10 pm. It was nice outside, in the 90’s, and those who watched got to experience a well designed program. Good pyrotechnic storytelling.

People had staked out their watching spots on Hilltop Drive early in the afternoon. When I drove to Trader Joe’s at 3:30, there were lawn chairs set out for a good view along the road. One of these years I may go down to the convention center and see what the paying customers get. I imagine it is terrific being that close to the exploding sky art.

Hot Rose In The Sun.jpg
Hot rose in the sun

I went outside on Saturday the 5th to enjoy the mild, (only 102F), afternoon. I didn’t find any animals basking in the sunshine, but a few hardy plants are still flowering.

Patio Potted Plant.jpg
Potted Treehouse patio plant

The anti-science media campaign has been a frightening success. There are many people who have been thoroughly indoctrinated into believing that facts aren’t facts. They are willing to wait until popular media personalities tell them to get solar panels on their roof, drive electric vehicles, use less water and protect what is left of nature from destructive human activities.

Caught In The Act.jpg
Shady outdoor cafe patron

I love the power of words. The caption on the squirrel image above could have been “Eating in the shade at outdoor cafe”, and it would have been correct. But the words I chose, give the image a story. The squirrel looks like a shady character, or he is eating at a cafe with a shady reputation, or he found a spot with food conveniently available right there in the shade. More fun.

iPhone Setup.jpg
Photo of iPhone photographing Sundial bridge

Saturday was a nice day to go to the Sundial Bridge and take pictures. I brought the Lumix FZ 35 and also took a few pictures with the iPhone 5c.

Sundial iPhone.jpg
iPhone image of Sundial Bridge

iPhone’s are amazing. I have several photo Apps that expand its capabilities to produce some stunning results with photos and video. It should be a bit easier to see how to work some of those Apps once my eye repair is completed. In the meantime, the standard Apple stuff produces very nice images.

Stick fetching helper dog

On the other hand, there is no cell phone camera that has the range and qualities of a real camera. While the iPhone was making a timelapse of a black lab fetching a stick, I was able to get some nice long lens action shots with the Panasonic Lumix FZ 35. (Unless otherwise noted, all photographic images for this blog are taken with my second hand Lumix FZ 35)

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