Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coming And Going

It’s All Part Of Life

Apple Pie.jpg
Yes, another apple pie

I realized that when one makes their own apple pie with organic apples and simple pie dough, it is actually a nutritious food item. Certainly more healthy than a cheese burger.

The other day Raley’s had a sale on Granny Smith apples. They were the industrial, pesticide soaked, chemical fertilized, bred for shipping, waxed and polished ones. I got some anyway because I was low on money and out of pie.

They didn’t even come close to being tasty. After eating real apples in my pies for so long, that pie tasted nasty. I won’t be cutting expenses that way again. Yuck

Want A Piece?.jpg
And it tastes good, too

R.I.P. Maverick. Better known by some as James Garner, he infused the character of Maverick with ‘cool’. It was the best of the many Warner Brothers TV westerns of the 1950’s, in my opinion.

Summer Pink.jpg
Another pretty pink driveway rose popped open

I started this blogpost last week, but wasn’t satisfied with the writing, so I’ve been rewriting, switching out pictures and trying to recall how to edit. Like most publishing, one should avoid editing their own stuff, but the Phil’s Place staff have yet to show up for work in the composition room.

Summer Special.jpg
Eye catching red driveway rose

John Harrison and I have been writing more new songs as well as tidying up arrangements on some of my older songs. We had planned to work on some of that today with the rest of the players, but we postponed rehearsal until possibly next Sunday.

Different Also.jpg
Dandylion and spider silk

The wind is somewhat fierce this afternoon. It is a good thing I couldn’t find the right priced umbrella to replace the ragged, threadbare, tattered and torn one I keep patching up. If I had acquired a new one, it would be blown to shreds in the hot blustery wind gusts.

The old one has no cover on the hole on top, so that significantly reduces lift. Some of the sides have slipped up on their poles thus creating more flexible, (flappy), surface areas,  ultimately reducing tension. It is nice how some things turn out.

Watering Spot.jpg
Ye old watering hole

Some of the places I would like the band to play want a picture, bio, and a CD. This is tricky since I don’t really have any pictures of the band with Mel Prado our new drummer and the only recorded tracks with him playing are from rehearsals.

I accept the challenge and think I have figured out how to get around those tiny details. If time permits, I shall have created a new band package by the end of the week.

Watch this space      .

Stay tuned...

Don’t miss the exciting unveiling of the all new Phil Seymour Band press kit.

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