Sunday, July 13, 2014

Interesting Times

Manners Are Vanishing

Friday Super-sunset

From the unabashed rudeness of the right wing berserkers in the media, to the industrial desecration of our planet for monetary profit, there is an appalling lack of manners and considerate behavior in today’s ‘society’.

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Super-Lassen on Friday

Part of the blame can be attributed to unregulated capitalism; Money trumps everything including the common good. It is money that put the misnamed Tea Party Patriots into our hallowed halls of governance.

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Friday Supermoon

The historical Boston Tea Party was a protest against the corporate takeover of our  democracy by the East India Tea Company. The tea corporation was buying favors from, and writing legislation for government officials that adversely affected free trade in America.

The present day Tea Party Patriots lack the historical knowledge or mental capacity to understand they are corporate pawns.

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Saturday Supermoon rise

These unruly illiterates have stained the hallowed halls of Congress with their obnoxious bad manners. They vent their ignorance and thinly veiled racism with avalanches of rudeness and antagonistic attacks on our President, while they bring the business of government to a standstill.

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Saturday Supermoon rising

The main promoter of today’s manner-less malignancy is the right wing owned media. Specifically but not exclusively, Fox news corp. They are the source of most crazy conspiracy campaigns. The Birth Certificate, Death Panels, Agenda 21, Benghazi, Impeach the President and other fabricated anti-Obama dramas begin on Fox news.

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More Saturday Supermoon rise

Personally, I want clean air, water, safe infrastructure quality public schools and a genuine cost of living increase in my social security check. I know that won’t happen with the bunch of republican hooligans currently in Congress so I am voting all democrat this November. I think that is a positive step towards reinstating good manners and dignity among our elected officials.

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