Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some Collectors

Keep Collecting

California Poppies.jpg
California Poppies behind “A” building

I have started a few collections over the years, but the life I have lived has not been one that can store much more than I can carry with me when I go to the next chapter.

Flame Lily.jpg
Flame lily in Mark and Terry’s landscaping

I tried collecting pennies when I was 9, but I guess that got lost when the family moved the next year. Just about the time I would rekindle an interest in collecting, it would be time to move. I have kept to that routine faithfully through the years.

Some friends had collections of bottle caps, marbles, ball bearings, Schuco racers,...

Schuco racer (Image Source)

The Schuco cars were made in Germany. Even though they had wind-up motors, you could roll them freely when they were in neutral. The tail pipe could be spun to make precision steering adjustments. A friend and I had races with his collection around 1953-54 in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

A couple of years, and another state later, I had a Schuco toy car with a steering wheel on a cable to the car. I could walk along behind the car, steering it.

Saturday Mountain's Majesty.jpg
Saturday view from the treehouse

Some friends collected comic books. Royal Miller had Batman and Superman collections with every issue ever printed. That seemed amazing to me. Nothing seemed to stick to me, though I did have most all the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift junior books at one time.

Oleander behind “A” building

I suppose I collect songs that I have sung, when I can remember them. One tune that I first sang 60 years ago is still in the show sometimes; “She’s Got Freckles On Her But She Is Nice”. It was the flip side of a record my parents brought back from a 1954 trip to Bermuda. The A side was, “There’s A Fire Down Below”.

Patio Scene Red.jpg
Summer patio scene at the Treehouse

I think that was the beginning of me choosing to learn the songs on the “B” side of records. For example, I never bothered to learn “Hound Dog” because I liked the flip side “Don’t Be Cruel” better. Albums were fun because there were even more songs to choose from.

Wizbang Green Tomatoes.jpg
Almost tomato time at the Treehouse

I still have my song collection that goes wherever I go. No suitcase required.

Sometimes it is a wonderful surprise to have a song fall out of ‘storage’ that I forgot I knew. It will just happen, the chords, lyrics, key and style just the way it felt to do whenever it was I last played and sang it. Sometimes it is a song I forgot that I wrote! That’s fun, too. Life is good.

Balcony Repair 2.jpg
Day 2 of balcony and porch repairs

The repair crew will be reaching my balcony tomorrow. It was only 104 today and it is expected to be the same tomorrow. It’s good for the guys doing the repairs. That’s 7 degrees cooler than it was on Monday. Whoo Hoo!

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