Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Write Letters

That Sometimes Get Read

Tasted As Good As It Looks.jpg
Breakfast In the land of fruits and nuts

The past few days were overfilling my email inbox with desperate pleas for money to protect our president from the crazy right wingnuts in congress.

You can’t impeach a president just because you don’t like him.

Silk and Sun Catching.jpg
Spider silk and agapanthus catching sunlight

But the fundraising letters continued.

So I wrote the following:

To The Democratic Party FundRaising People,

Throwing money at billionaires is counter productive.

We need to use our brains and come up with strategies that will bypass the, "my pile of money is bigger than yours", approach. That game is rigged.

The money we spend on TV and Radio spots goes directly into the pockets of the republican media moguls.

We can do better than that.

We are smart imaginative people. Let's come up with a plan that bypasses the billionaire bankers, Wall Street gamblers and tax cheating corporations. Something that will inspire our party to stand up for America before this country gets sold and traded piece by piece on the world market.

Phil Seymour

Oven Fresh.jpg
New pie this evening

Definition of Corporation: A way for businessmen to avoid investing in the country they get their money from.

Hot Pink.jpg
Hot pink rose

I sure am glad I have A/C. It wasn’t until about 7pm that i went outside today. To save money and conserve our state’s energy, I have the windows covered with thermal blackout drapes. Sort of like a casino; it looks the same in here day or night.

Red Plate Special.jpg
Red plate special

I went out to get the mail around 7pm. It was only in the 90’s, (About 96 according to my balcony thermometer), but the breeze was hot. It reminded me of time spent in the deserts of west Texas and how the hot wind smelled like toasted dirt.

Deepest Yellow.jpg
Deep yellow in the hot sun

We have a PSB rehearsal scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm. According to Weather Underground , it will only be 105 tomorrow. That should be fine. Mark has a swamp cooler to keep the band cool while we practice in his garage.

The Way I Like It.jpg
A perfect match

Once again I hope to get some good pictures and recordings of the band to use in promotional packages, but we shall see how it goes.

What I Saw.jpg
This is my favorite picture of the evening

One of the projects I completed today was to finish this short video of a storm cloud that loomed in the west one day this week. So, here it is -

Today’s Video;

Eyes On The Skies

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