Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Every Day Brings

Opportunity For Delight

Close In Clover.jpg
Colors in the lawn

High temperatures and a little water can make some flora grow in a hurry. The grassy area behind building A was filled with colors about half past noon. I got in close to see what was making the red and yellow pattern in the grasses.

Younger Princess.jpg
Driveway rose princess

Alongside the entrance driveway to the Treehouse, there are very colorful roses blooming daily. They don’t last long in the heat, but they are stunningly beautiful when they first open.

Super Drawn Moon.jpg
Saturday full perigee moon

It was a good thing I got out and took scores of moonrise pictures. They are providing hours of entertainment when I play with them later on the MacBook Pro.

Stripped agapanthus speaks to me

Perpetually fascinating sights, sounds and stimulating experiences surround the sensitive seekers here in sunny northern California. (Say that succinctly three times in a row and win a free tongue straightening) That was a workout!

Top 4.jpg
Before cutting the F holes

John is making another violin and I have been getting some fun pictures of the process. The latest series of violins are sounding and playing with strong experienced voices from the moment they are first strung and played.

We have been practicing songs for the band with our guitars in the violin shop for an hour or so, three afternoons a week. The sound and atmosphere while surrounded by beautiful violins and violas is a surreal sensory experience. I can hear my voice and our guitars resonate in those instruments that hang in the shop.

Circus Colors.jpg
One of Dorothy’s colorful garden delights

One more wonderful event from today was the sunset afterglow in the clouds. It was purely happenstance that I was out at the right time and the right place to capture the glorious Redding sky after the sun went down.

Afterglow Clouds 5.jpg
Fiery clouds in the western sky

On my way to Raley’s to get some apples for a pie I saw the sky turning red after the sun set. There is a good spot for photographs on Northpoint Drive, just behind Raley’s.

I was able to get some powerful images during the 5 to 10 minute window of opportunity. The afterglow can peak just like sunrise. It won’t wait long while one gets to the right spot and sets up a tripod. I feel very fortunate to have been less than a minute away from an ideal vantage point.

Agterglow Clouds 6.jpg
Spectacular last light deep reds

I hope your day was joyously bountiful and fulfilling. Every day is a gift, but some are wrapped more brightly. It is the present that is the greatest gift of all.

I spoke with Marian this evening and we will likely get together soon to play some music late August-early September. That will be nice. I haven’t played with Marian for a couple of years.

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