Thursday, November 20, 2014

Interesting Times

On Planet Earth

Bees at the diner

Finding happiness and beauty is easy if you don’t hide from them

Fun colors deep in the bush

Rainy days turn my world close and inward
I find comfort here

Step Back And Enjoy.jpg
Pink rose in the sunshine

Sunny days expand my horizons
Beaming joy over vast distances

Flowers Look At Lassen.jpg
Roses rise up to admire Mount Lassen

I would like to thank Amos the church mouse for inventing bifocals while repairing Ben Franklin’s glasses. That’s the way I remember Disney studios explaining history, so thank you cartoon mouse that isn’t Mickey.

Bee pokes tongue in flower

Laughter was the word today from the Daily Word
Just thinking about laughter makes me smile

Sunny Yellow.jpg
Sunny yellow rose

I think that the message is;
When the world outside is unpleasant
we can turn inward
think about laughter

and find there is a smile
on our own faces

Red Card Rose.jpg
Definitely a notecard image

I have much to be thankful for
Life is really good
rich beyond dollars
I give love and see it blossoming

Must be the bifocals

Today’s Video;

Grin And Wear It

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