Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So Transparent

Predictably Money Won

Lassen and Moon No poles.jpg
Lassen and Moon

Some races had enough smart voters to do a little good, but one wonders how the worlds most powerful nation can exist with so many ignorant dupes.

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Becoming more beautiful each day

We had a capable, intelligent, qualified legislator who could have done great things for those of us who live in the north state if we only had a few more intelligent residents to vote for her. Instead we get more wasted years with that dimwit LaMalfa.

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As the moon grows

The overall results mostly reflected the fears and misogyny of grumpy old white men. They were the biggest turnout for this midterm election. 

Only 1 out of 10 people 30 and under bothered to cast their vote. I remember being one of them just a few decades ago and we were just as apathetic then as young people are today.

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Today’s favorite rosebud picture

Prop 1 passed. Not a good thing, but it will keep the greedy bastards busy trying to get their hands on some of that 7 billion dollars now available for projects that will do little or nothing to solve California’s water management problems.

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Foggy, but a bit bigger*

*Actually the moon is the same size as usual, it is just that more of it is visible.

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Better and better every day

Prop 47 passed. That will be good for everybody. More money for public education is always a good thing. And not imprisoning people just to meet private prison quotas is a wonderful thing.

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Tuesday night moon

There will be additional nitwit loonies in congress next year, so be prepared for more anti women’s rights legislation and proposals for 100’ high nuclear powered border fences to protect the crazy right wing nuts. In the meantime we have Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas stuff to buy. Pumpkin pie is right around the corner.

Honorable mention

Statistically speaking, the candidate who spends the most money has a 90% chance of winning the race, (thank you republican controlled supreme court for Citizens United).

Of course I wonder if that survey was conducted by those who collect all the political  campaign spending of million$ of dollars for advertising and bribery.

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