Saturday, November 1, 2014

Measuring Time

Is Tricky

Big Wet Pink.jpg
Beautiful wet pink rose

We need a different description for pain caused by damaged nerves. Most people think that when they hear the term 'chronic nerve pain' that it has something to do with muscles. It doesn’t. There is a world of difference difference between sore muscles and pinched, worn, aggravated nerves. Pulled muscles are a walk in the park.

This misinterpretation about electric nerve pain and sore muscles includes some physicians, physical therapists, as well as your average Joe.

Bright Red Rose.jpg
Cheerful red rose

“I know just how you feel”, people will say, and then talk about their uncle who was a longshoreman who carried whole battleships on his shoulders 16 hours a day. “He would come home and hang by his feet suspended upside down while holding a 30 gallon oil drum with his teeth until his back was stretched out. After his back was better, he would eat dinner and get some sleep before he got up at 3 am for another honest days work.”

Blueplate Special.jpg
Something different for breakfast - a blue bowl

Then they like to make fun of all the ‘moochers’ living like kings on disability because their backs hurt. Not only do they not know what they are talking about, they are just repeating what they heard on Fox news and talk radio by professional blowhards who don’t know what they are talking about, either.

Red Night Rose.jpg
A rose in the night

In case you forgot to celebrate Samhain on Friday, you will be glad to know that time, and different calendars over the centuries, cause Celtic cross-quarter day to be on November 7.

You don’t celebrate Samhain? You might want to after you read Margaret Miller’s recent blogpost of her participation in Samhain ceremonies as a very enlightening and comforting experience. (No candy corn or snickers bars required)

Open Wide Attraction.jpg
Looks like this rose is now open for business

We have a lot of night creatures here at the Treehouse that I don’t get to photograph. There are bats that pollinate certain flowers and cacti. Night birds and moths, too. There many animals and bugs that are nocturnal.

Sparkle Red.jpg
Sparkle rose

I may have to make a camera rig that captures some of the night time activities outside while I am sleeping. A trip wire made of thread, or fishing line that triggers the shutter is one of the earliest methods I know of. Nowadays one can use motion detectors, or sound activated equipment to trigger the shutter and flash. It sounds like fun and an opportunity to learn more about the world I’m living in. I’ll keep you posted.

The Pink Opens.jpg
Most certainly destined to be a Happy Phil Notecard

Life is good to me, and I appreciate its goodness.

I am writing a couple of new songs that branch out from my usual forms and composition construction methods. That is, if there is a unifying theme or category that could define my songwriting. I suppose having my name on them would count as something that binds them together, except I haven’t always used the same name over the years when performing or writing songs. Ha ha...I love it.

Richer Soon.jpg
New transformer rose begins

Life is good to me and I am fortunate to have wonderful readers like you. Thank you for being woven into this magic carpet of life that can carry us to many new and exotic points of view.

Today’s Video;

Fall Back Clock Night

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Margaret Miller said...

Measuring time: That's good. In a recent post you mentioned measuring your age by the number of bumps you incurred. Smiley face goes here.
I like this post. Beautiful pix. Never a disappointment. They all say something wonderful is happening and you found it.
Thank you for the Blognod.
Enjoyed this blog post; your candor, your rant about Fox News. Everything.