Saturday, November 8, 2014

More Pretty Pictures

And That’s A Good Thing

The Good Stuff.jpg
Did I mention pretty pictures?

There are times when the forces of nature reach a peak of expression that practically leaps into the camera, if one has a camera to allow the magic to enter.

Shadow Cat.jpg
See the cat in the background?

For the time being, the wonders of this world we live in are presenting themselves to all who would find joy in them. I feel fortunate to have the time, not only to bask in the beauty of life, but the methods and means to collect images of these wonders so that I might share them with you.

More Good Stuff.jpg
I feel tears of joy when I see beauty like this

Some of these images made it to print on notecards so they can help illustrate somebody’s written thoughts and feelings. Wow! How cool is that?

7th Moon 2.jpg
One day past full

Even the moon took part in the potpourri of nature on display, it is like the world is ripe with the fruits of fall.

Rich In Light.jpg
Magic in the light itself

I feel that it is important to share these feelings with you at this time. Interestingly enough, like the time machine that writing is, you are reading this at exactly the right moment. This feeling we are sharing is happening at once and yet across the distance of hours, days, or even longer. Quantum blogging, if you like.

Today’s Video;

Worlds Of Wonder

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